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Hi penny4luck,
at least your overcorrection has come down quite a bit from 300 to 1.25 now. Are you totally off from all steroid drops and only using artificial tears now? My doctor is still insisting me to stick with 4 steroid drops a day (Lotemax).
My vision is bad. Yes one reason is because two eyes are not the same. I feel they are around +1 L and +2 R, and 1.0 astimatism on left. Will astimatism actually go away by itself? My doct says my astimatism is due to still swelling. But it has been 3 weeks. Is it normal to still have swelling? Will the steroid drops help swelling to go? My vision has not improved the entire week last week. I hope some improvement before Thursday, which will mark my month 1.

I feel stupid to tell my friends what has happened. Some of them actually warned me not to do surgery but I was so fancied by others on internet talking about their super results.

In case my vision does not regress and I stay farsighted, is it possible to wear contact lenses any more? Is it easy to buy contact lenses for farsighted and can they be fitted well? I don't know of anybody who has farsight, except myself now.

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