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The thing is the laser eye surgeon's office made an error - my eye was never +300. It was always around +150 or so in the left eye. They miscalculated the prescription. This is why I highly recommend getting a very good optometrist to spend some time and provide you with an accurate prescription. Yes, I am not on steroids - they took me off of steroids completely at the three week mark. If you have any haze, they may keep you on the steroids for that purpose (to prevent it from being permanent). It is normal to still have swelling in your cornea at this point (edema). Going off of the steroids, from what I understand, will actually speed your healing, and also speed up any regression. They may be keeping you on them to help with haze - I would ask them. From what I have been told, the astigmatism may end up correcting, but may not - we will not know this for 6-9 months, or even up to a year after the surgery date. Your question about contact lenses is a concern of mine as well. I have been trying to wear them for over a month, and they do not fit right at all, because my (and your) cornea are not a normal shape anymore. Normal contacts will not fit onto an abnormal cornea. My eyes are also REALLY dry while wearing contacts. Essentially, my eyes are uncomfortable all day long wearing them. From my research, it is possible to look at getting fitted for special contact lenses later on - they are expensive, and you need to see a special doctor who does this. It may end up being rigid gas permeable lenses which apparently can be fit for people after laser surgery...but it is not guaranteed at all that any contacts will fit, or work well. From my experience so far, I am really concerned that I will not be able to wear them (at least for long) and will have to wear glasses eventually. Again, it is depressing. I paid so much money for stress, vision problems, and not even comfortably able to wear contacts.

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