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[QUOTE=penny4luck;5286772]Hi there,
As of April 15th, (about 3 weeks after my surgery) the Pred Forte steroid drops were stopped completely. They stopped them because stopping the steroids helps to induce regression. He said I needed them prior though, to counteract any haze formation. I was also using Zymar drops that whole time, but those ended just prior to the Pred Forte. The only drops I am using now are lubricating drops (Refresh II without preservatives, and Bion Tears before bed). I would say it was at least a week, if not a week and a half before I started seeing more clearly after stopping the pred forte. The steroids don't cause overcorrection - that is caused from the laser itself taking off too much of the cornea. The only way to try and counteract being overcorrection is regression (your cornea growing thicker, more towards what it used to be). Stopping the steroids, and wearing contact lenses apparently help induce this corneal thickening, and therefore "regression." I will keep you posted on my progress. I hope things improve for you as well.[/QUOTE]

I told my surgeon to keep 0.5D nearsight for me because I am over 40. Is it possible that he did the opposite by mistake? That really worries me! What could I do to find out? and to make up for it? I am so scared to have another "enhancement"....

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