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Hello All,

I had my lasik surgery March 21, 2014. I thought it was a good choice since I had been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old and now I'm more than half of my life I've spent wearing contacts or glasses. At first I was able to wear contacts till about 6 years ago when my eyes got so irritated it was almost impossible to wear them so I opted for using glasses. I had been contemplating surgery for a couple years and I finally went in this February to be evaluated to see if I was a candidate for lasik. So the doctor said I was a candidate and my surgery was booked for a month later. I was happy that I would finally be able to see without glasses and have a better quality of life. But truth is I've been miserable ever since. My vision is okay but not as sharp as it was before and the contrast is not as vivid. I experience mild dry eye which I was told was a minor side effect but who knows. My vision fluctuates during the day and to make matters worse I have floaters which I did not have before. Occasionally before surgery I would see a floater here and there but now they're there 24/7. I have them in both eyes. I do computer work all day so when I returned back to work it was very hard for me to focus and could hardly see the it has gotten a bit better but not like before. I have a few friends and a cousin that had lasik done and they were very satisfied with it or at least that's what they say. I feel my doctor did not fully explain all the possible risks and side effects but too late now. After I had my surgery I researched "lasik recovery time" and it was then when all this horrific stories popped up about bad lasik experiences I wished these would have come up when I was doing my research before hand.

If I would have know about all the potential risks I would have never done it. During the first week and after reading all these stories and coming to the conclusion that lasik does more harm than good. I could hardly sleep ..I became severely depressed. I have talked to my doctor and those friends who've had lasik and they all say to give it time. But how can I? I'm hopeful that things will improve but I know for certain I made the worst decision of my life. I would trade just about anything to have my old vision back. I keep praying to God so he can give me the strength to get past this.

If you read this please pray for me and if you haven't had lasik please DON'T do's a life changing decision and sometimes not for the better.
Hang in there! I had mine done on February 13th this year and although I do not have floaters, I did have the dry eye which eased significantly at the 2 month mark. I have astigmatism in one eye so I'm not happy with the blurry vision and it is my dominant eye so that makes it worse. I did go into it fully aware of all the bad with the good stuff and figured at least my glasses would not be so thick if it did not work for me.
What I was unaware of was the crazy fluctuations from good vision to blurry at distances on a day to day basis. I can say this last 2 months has not had 1 day that was just like the day before!
Change seems to be constant but with me, my vision is worse now then the day after. I got plugs to deal with the dryness and they do help considerably although now, I do not think I need them as much.
You are not alone in this as there are a bunch of us dealing with it
so please try and enjoy the things you do love. I read books and sew projects plus I go to car shows and camp just to try to put some normal back into it and my husband has been very supportive because I get quite down at times and he can tell I'm having issues. I'm just going to get glasses in a few months after I'm stable and I don't care what others say about it since it is not their eyes! I spent quite a bit like you to do this and had a top Dr. do it so I think that makes no difference. It is all in the make-up of a persons eyes as to how the outcome will be. One of my eyes had bad astigmatism but my Dr. said it will either get better at night or stay the same for the night vision. He never mentions induced astigmatism but I bet it was in the fine print I signed....
Keep your chin up, and focus on your loved one's and I hope the best for you to recover more in the next few months to a year.
Hello all,
I just wanted to drop by and give an update on my almost 1 year post surgery. So if you've read the previous posts you will find that I was very disappointed with my lasik outcome because it turned my world upside down. I had worn glasses for over 14 years and the thought of having perfect vision without the need for glasses encouraged me to go thru with the surgery. Unfortunately surgeons are not as worried about your eye health as they are about their profit. But I cannot put all the blame on them because ultimately I was the one who decided to go through with it. At the time not only was I dealing with an awful lasik outcome but I was also going thru divorce and to make things worse I lost my job 2 months after getting the surgery done. I felt like I hit rock bottom and at a given point I felt hopeless. I was depressed but now I have regained my life. Would I do it again if I had the chance to go back in time? Absolutely not. Thankfully I have recovered most of my clear vision. I would say I'm at 95% of what I used to see with glasses. Dry eyes was a major issue for the first 5 months or so. I had to keep putting eye drops every hour or so. Now I use them once in a while when my eyes feel very dry. I still have the floaters which look like clear strands floating through my field of vision. I have learned to ignore them and now only see them when I really pay attention to them. I can say that my life is back to normal. Of course the possible long term effects still linger in the back of my mind but I pray to God that he will watch over me and not let anything bad happen to my eyesight. During this time of hardship prayer helped me get through this experience. I strongly believe God healed my eyes. I've always been a church goer but the past couple years I had drifted away but thankfully God doesn't drift away ...he's always there to help in time of need. All we need to do is have faith and believe. I just want you all to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know a lot of people post about their experiences here but they don't give an update....assuming things got better for them. I just wanted to share my experience with you guys
I wish you guys much health and happiness.

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