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I have just under 7 and have no halos.

Here is what I have. I am at 15 months post lasik:
1. Starbursts. These are annoying and distracting. Mine are in the bottom of lights if there is darkness around my eyes like a dark room looking at a cable box. Having dirty vision to me is extremely disturbing.
2. Induced astigmatism in one eye which causes blurring of near details.
3. Dry eyes which are uncomfortable at times and can also cause blurred vision. This is the biggest probably problem as a large percent of people have this from lasik.

If you hate your glasses, lasik or prk should for sure be evaluated. Its a risk and it may or may not be better. It would be great if you could get a way to test how you might see worse case before hand and then determine if you prefer it.

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