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I was extremely upset with my bad vision, that's why I did Lasik 2 month ago. Thank God. So far best decision I have made regading my health and my vision. I see crystal clear now with absolutely NO side effect. Nothing. Not even a pinch discomfort or glare, halos etc. Nothing. No dryness at all. I feel like a reborn person now. But while I see crisp and clear both eyes open I see a little blur at distance in my right 'non dominant' eye if I close my left eye. I can read even tiniest letter with my left eye but reading TV scrolls from distance with right eye is a bit difficult. I see mild blur in right eye at distance. Not noticeable if I don't give attention to it but still I to want know if it will remain that way forever or it still has room for improvement.

[B]Vision before Lasik:[/B] -4.00 something in both eyes with astigmatism in left eye.

[B]Vision after Lasik:[/B] Excellent in left eye and very good in right eye with very mild blur at distance which is only noticeable if I try to read scrolls closing only my left eye.

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