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I know with either you can get halos, dry eye, blurred vision, etc. With any form of lasik, it is the chance you take. My Dr. told me Custom Wavefront helps minimize issues but he never said I would not have them.
I would run from any facility that claims any procedure you choose you will not have side effects. That simply is not true.
Lasik is an individual healing process and how it works for you versus someone else could be totally different so I found if you go in expecting to have issues, you are better equipped to deal with them if they happen.
A lot go the cheaper route and do fine....Me, I chose the expensive route with a surgeon that not only does lasik but a lot of other eye surgeries. He was up front, truthful and does not solely rely on lasik procedures to make a living. Get 2nd opinions and even 3rd. It is a crap shoot and you want the best care if you have to deal with issues afterwards such as dry eye, halos, lasik induced astigmatism, poor night vision, etc as these things are not eliminated by the technology used today, just reduced somewhat. You can still have issues and there is no going back once it is done. I would never go cheap with something like my eyes......
I had custom Wavefront guided lasik. I have halos but everyone does at first. Mine are getting better at 3 months post op. I have slight astigmatism in one eye. I have slight dry eye but is is getting better. I'm 20/20 in the right, 20/40 in the left so you can see, Wavefront is not a guarantee of perfect vision. It is all about your eyes and how they are shaped as to whether lasik will work optimally for you. My Dr did the best that technology allows but that left eye either needs an enhancement or more time. I'm hoping for the time factor as I don't want to reduce my cornea thickness any more. Good luck in your husbands decision.

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