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Hi Lasiked - I had the Intralase surgery with Wavefront on April 17, and I am having the same problem. I was given the Monovision correction, with my left eye for close-range vision and my right eye for long-range vision. I had a complication of Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis in both eyes, but especially my right, which was treated with steroid drops (Pred-Forte). I was told late last week that it is has more or less cleared up, but my right-eye vision continues to be blurry. It is worse than my left eye now, and seems to be getting progressively worse every day. I had two days last week where the vision was excellent and then it suddenly went blurry again and has been ever since.

It feels like there is some pressure in the back corner of my right eye. The surgeon told me 10 days ago that it is possible that there is a micro fibre of lint under the flap and that it will work itself out over a few months and my vision will improve. But between having the DLK and now this blurry vision with a weird feeling in my eye, I am beginning to wonder if something else is going on.

I have read many forums which say that everything will probably clear up over time, and the eye clinic doesn't seem too concerned, but they sure don't spend a lot of time explaining things to you, which is why I am worried.

Not sure if anyone has suggestions or answers, but they would be greatly appreciated.

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