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I had lasik done on 25th April, 2014. It's now more than 10 days and while the vision in my rigt eye has cleared up quite a bit, in my left eye I am still seeing blurry. My right eye was -4.5 and left eye was -5.00. My Dr says to not try and see from one eye but the difference is striking and very and gets more distinct each day as my right eye becomes more clear. Has my left eye not healed completely or is the correction not done properly? Will I have to wear glasses again or go in for an "enhancement" like I have read of multiple forums? Is there a chance that my left eye will get better or is it going to stay like this?? I don't know if this sounds paranoid but I am really worried, wondering if I should regret my decision of going for surgery and whether I will ever be able to see as good again as I did with my glasses
[QUOTE=lasiked;5288141]My Dr had not informed me of all these side effects before I went in for the surgery. I don't know if I would have gone ahead if I knew all of this. I am due for a 2-week checkup this weekend and will definitely update my results here.[/QUOTE]

Yes, they tend to keep folks uninformed. I knew going in as I did a ton of research before hand but I figured the benefits out weighed the negatives. I'm having more dry eye this week then the last and I'm sure next week will be totally different too. The fluctuations drive a person nuts that is for sure! You're pretty early into this so hang in there. Get a copy of your records while you are at the Dr. and read the notes they jot down. Sometimes it helps. Mine told me I had DES (dry eye syndrome) and they really never came out and told me that but put in lower plugs when I asked for them. I also compared the vision I had to the other appointments stats and it shows a lot of fluctuation. My appointment is next week so I get to see what my options are for my blurry eye. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask the Dr. all the questions you have. If it is fixed by the lens test in that one eye, you may have lasik induced astigmatism.

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