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I had lasik on Friday. I went in Saturday for a post op appt. with the optometrist (not the surgeon). She said I had a couple of particles in my left eye and that I should come in to see the surgeon on Thursday morning (He's not at this clinic Mon-Wed.). She said that he will lift just a small portion of my flap and use a syringe to irrigate out the particles. My right eye is perfect, my left eye not so much. It isn't horrible, but it's still blurry. Hopefully this helps.

I'm taking the planned steroid, prednisolone, 4X a day and the antibiotic drops 4X a day. I called back today to make sure it wasn't anything to worry about, and she assured me it wasn't. I didn't ask for the technical name for what she was seeing. Now I'm searching the internet freaking out a bit about what it could be. Then I find DLK and wonder is that it? If so why didn't they increase the steroids? Is Thursday too long to wait? Etc. All probably irrational fears, but it is my eye after all.

Anybody experience something similar?

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