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[QUOTE=lux7;5296226]I understand, I thought astigmatism was just about near focus and far away object were clear.

I'd like to ask, overall, would you go back as you were before -myopic and no fluctuations/dry eyes- if you had the chance?[/QUOTE]

This wasn't directed at me, but I'll answer anyway ;) Yeah, I'd go back to what I had before. My right eye is pretty good post LASIK, but now I have astigmatism in my left - did not have astigmatism before the procedure. My left isn't sharp at any distance and it drives me nuts. I have moderate dry eye - had no issues with dry eye before the procedure.

Before LASIK I was about -4 in both eyes. I was sick of wearing glasses, but I'd love to have them back. I should have listened to my gut and not had LASIK.

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