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[QUOTE=whiskeythekid;5303380]Kt77 have you tried anything to help with starbursts or vision clarity? Do you have dry eyes?

I have a blurry eye also. The blurry eye now has a mixed astigmatism in it. Sometimes I can see through the astigmatism with clarity. Other times there is blurring. I do not know why.

The starbursts sort of come and go, but are mostly predictably going to appear. Every once in a while they seem to dissipate. I tried a hybrid RGP lens which fixed the problem 100% but they were uncomfortable and when I removed the lens the starbursts and other vision issues were worse for a few hours after removing the lens so I returned the lens and decided not to wear it. The bursts are worse in one eye so I tried it in the worse eye.

Both issues seem to effect white writing on black or blue eg tv guide or movie credits or looking at the moon. Sometimes there is a problem and sometimes there is no problem.

I have glasses for the astigmatism which were made from the iscription machine which gets the refractive error to .1 accuracy. Other machines can get to .25 accuracy. These fix the clarity but do not fix bursts.

I just ordered a toric soft lens for the astigmatism. I will let you know how that goes.

I also have dry eyes from lasik which seems to be a battle of ups and downs.

I am at 18 months post lasik.[/QUOTE]

I was prescribed Alphagen P by my Lasik doctor to constrict pupil size in my left eye particularly at night. I found that it did reduce the starbursts quite a bit, but it didn't help with my vision clarity. I am pretty much done dealing with the Lasik doctors at this point, because all they keep telling me is that I'm 20/20. My regular eye doctor tried prescribing me a -0.50 contact lens, but it just made my vision even more distorted in that eye. It's like the lens can't get a a good fit on the cornea.

I've been tested for dry eye several times by I believe what is called the Schrimer's test, but apparently I am producing plenty of tears. My eyes don't feel dry, except sometimes later in the day, and I do occasionally notice some redness in both eyes at day's end, probably due to the dryness and irritation. I do have Systane eye drops and Blink Tear drops on hand, but I rarely use them now, as they didn't seem to help with my vision clarity even when I used them constantly. I do notice that right when I put a drop in that left eye, the vision clears up for a few seconds. I've read that it could be because I have a rough corneal surface and the drop temporarily smooths it out.

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