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Hi everyone,

I'm going to ask the optometrist (or surgeon if he is accessible) but I wanted some other opinions as well. My PRK is scheduled in 14 days and a visual mapping of my eyes is in 9 days.

I was told to take out my contact lens two weeks before the visual mapping as it temporarily changes the shape of my cornea. Did that, however today I took an elbow to my eye while wrestling, and am wondering if this alters my eye for the visual mapping in any way.

The elbow wasnt hard but came in at a pretty fast speed. My eyelids closed, so there was no direct impact to the eyeball itself; it should have pushed my eye in a bit. Right now it's tender but not sore - I'll see tomorrow if it becomes sore.

Any knowledgeable thoughts on this would affect my timelines for the surgery? I'd prefer not to but safety is #1.

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