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I had lasik on April 17, with monovision correction. I did NOT wear monovision contacts before the surgery. Almost immediately following the surgery, my right eye, which is dominant and was corrected for distance (and was also the weaker of my two eyes) would go blurry within an hour of waking each morning, especially when I used the computer or did any close-up work.

Because of the continuing blurriness in my right eye, I was given a contact lens for driving etc., about a month ago.

I had a couple of complications, including DLK, after the surgery, and because of this and the apparent "regression" of my right eye, I have been on Pred Forte since the surgery - four times a day. I finally tapered off it this week.

The eye doctor this week said that both my eyes have regressed somewhat and she suggests that we look at enhancing the left eye for distance. Her argument is that this will give me better overall vision, but with some compromise in my nearer vision, since the left eye was corrected for close-up. I am not sure this is the way to go.

The fact that my right eye sees very clearly for about an hour each morning suggests to me that this is not necessarily a regression or under-correction, but perhaps an accommodation issue (i.e., the eye is trying to focus close-up and is forgetting its distance role). If so, how long will it take for it to resolve? I do not want to do an enhancement if it is not required. But if things don't clear up within six months, then I'm not sure what options I have. The eye doctor also said I should avoid using the contact lens as much as possible, in case they do correct the other eye for distance.

Does anyone have experience with this type of issue?

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