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Hi all,

After years of debating a laser eye procedure, I finally decided to go for it and has my surgery done on the 24th of June this year.

I had LASEK done instead of PRK or LASIK. I wasn't given much of a choice in the matter, but I probably would have picked this anyway as it has less risks and problems associated with it, even though the pain and inconvenience of not being able to function for 24-48 hours was horrendous, thank god for the numbing eye drops.

Anyway, within a few days all irritation disappeared, I don't have any side effects such as haze and I only get dry eyes after a nights sleep, so in terms of side effects I think I have done well, I made sure I had my eyes closed 90% of the time for the first 3-4 days which helped a lot in my opinion.

The problem now is my right is very bad and I am getting worried. My prescription before was -1.5 left and -1.0 right. My left is much better now and I can see things quite far out (it's still not 20/20 however, and I've been told to expect to wait weeks before that happens). My right eye has double vision/blurry vision at almost all distances and is especially bad at reading things on my phone, computer etc. (over correction??) which makes it a pain to do anything.

I keep getting headaches on a daily basis due to the huge difference between the two eyes and makes everything seem fuzzier. There has been no change at all in my eyes, better or worse, since day 4 post-surgery, I am currently on day 10 post surgery.

Is this normal? Is it normal for one eye to be completely different than the other? What is the recovery procedure? Will my right eye eventually catch up with my left even though there has been no change at all in a week?

Any help from people who have experienced this will be greatly appreciated!


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