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Wow, either my memory was bad, or I was very lucky. My original Lasik was done 16 years ago. -11.75 and -11.5. Both eyes done. Next day was seeing better than 20/20. I didn't have any issues with "bluriness" at distances. The only thing I recall was the first two weeks some slight stinging and dry eyes (that lasted probably a month). Vision stabilized at 20/20 (well combined in both eyes anyway, one was like 20/30 and one was 20/20) in about 2 weeks.

For the "touchup/revision": Around here, NO doctor will do Lasik twice. Although I'm a prime candidate for Lasik again (I have lots of corneal tissue apparently), none of the docs will risk a flap complication, so the only choice is PRK. Not saying that you can't find a doctor who will do Lasik twice, but it seems fairly rare. I'm not so worried about the flap coming loose again, it's the epithelial growth risk that would concern me (the cells don't stop growing and they basically either have to re-lift the flap and scrape your eye or sometimes they just can't do anything about it).

PRK is NOT a "simple" touchup, IMO. Procedurally probably takes the same amount of time as Lasik, but the recovery time is *much* longer.

I'm at 6 weeks post-PRK and just now my distance vision is finally "good", but up-close (and I don't mean like reading, I mean like anything within 6-10 feet away) is still ghosting. that's common with PRK, apparently.

Although the recovery times vary widely with PRK. Some people are all done at like 2 weeks, but can take up to 6-12 months.

Apparently if you had Lasik done more than 10-12 years ago AND your vision was worse than -10, you have a good chance of it regressing (hence the need for me to have an "enhancement"). but I got 16 years "use" out of it, so it was definitely worth it.

I only had PRK done in the one eye. No way in hell would I have it done in both eyes at the same time. I wouldn't be able to drive for a month, let alone do computer work for that long either. I will probably have the other eye done with PRK as well, but not for another few months (vacations).

I was warned that I would need reading glasses when I had Lasik done 16 years ago. I'm debating about doing a monovision (the other reason I only had the one eye touched up with PRK). But not everyone can deal with monovision (takes about 7-8 weeks apparently to get used to it). Not sure if I can deal with it, as right now, the right eye sees much better distance than the left-eye, and left-eye sees up close better than the right eye, and it's driving me crazy.

Since you're only at 3 weeks monovision, I'd give it another month. You may get used to it. You may not.

It's one thing I'll have to ask the doctor is:
What if I have monovision and can't deal with it, what then?

Or maybe I'll have them give me a contact lens to simulate the monovision for the left eye and I can try that for 2 months and see if I can deal with it.

Right now though, at a distance, my left eye seems "foggy" and it's actually just blurry because I can't see as good as the right eye (which seems crystal clear now at a distance). But up close (like 2+ feet away from the computer screen), my right-eye seems "foggy" but it's just ghosting/blurry and the left-eye is fine.

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