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Its been two years since I had wavefront Lasik for what was a high prescription e.g -10 and -9.5. For the first 12 months dry eyes was a major problem and I was taking eye drops every 1-2 hours with little relief. Then It slowly improved to the extend that I was taking drops about 4/5 times a day, With some days I hardly noticed any symptoms and I could get on with my life. However in the last month my eyes have become quite painful again and the drops are not giving much relief. I only uses preservative free eye drops so not sure what the problem is. Previous visits to the Optometrist has always stated my eyes looked ok but my tears were evaporating quickly. I never tried Restasis as this is unavailable in the UK. Has anyone had ocular plugs? and if so how successful are they and anyone can recommend any eye drops. I have be using Celluvisc at night and either Optive or Hycosan plus during the day.
On the plus side my side is good with very little change in the 2 years and the halos and starbursts cleared up after about 5 months and have not returned. I would appreciate any advice. thanks.

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