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Ok, i went in for post-op today and he said he could still see a line at the fusion point in one eye and it would go away. Initially my sight was amazing but by the fourth day my right eye was a complete blur and at that visit, when he took out the protective lens, he said the epithelial was defective at the ifusion point. It was so blurry on day 4 and 5 but It cleared up a lot for a couple of days but now i feel like it has stayed the same. I also still have some really strong light sensitivity when driving with my sunglasses on.

I do notice it will clear up when my eyes water momentarily. My question is does this make sense? So far this lasik, has been a horrible decision. Much longer recovery with regards to reading and driving with the light sensitivity (as its just uncomfortable), my sight is good outside but not real crisp and is hard to focus on specific objects.

I know its early, but that word defective, and the 2 weeks later he still sees it, just worries me. Anyone experience this?

-3.25 in each eye

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