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Ok so I had lasik done 5 weeks ago and ever since maybe day 4 or so I've felt like there is pressure in my head, sometimes with a mild headache. I still have dry eyes but I can live with that. The pressure and feeling of a headache coming on is driving me crazy.

Did anyone else have sinus pressure or headaches after lasik? Did they go away for you? Having this constant feeling can be depressing.
I had what I call an "eye headache" just in my left eye on 2 random days following LASIK. My optom told me it was due to dryness and I feel it was my eye adjusting to having to work as it was my lazy eye.
She told me to use the gloopy night time drops if I felt it coming on and I have once or twice and it helped.
Yesterday and today so far is the first time I have been totally eye drop free since LASIK 27/7/14. No current headaches.

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