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Hi Im a 21 years old male who did lasik Xtra one week ago. Before the op i was shortsighted L-300 R-450 and had astigmatism both eyes L-2.50 R-1.75. After the surgery my doctor said that astigmatism is gone but he overcorrected me for a little, now i am a little farsighted. He said it was intentional bcuz im young and he expect natural regression and by then my vision will only get better. But so far when using the computer and reading notes, it was not as clear as when i wore glasses before and my eyes get tired easily so i just wonder how long would it take for my eyes to regress and become crystal clear for near objects again. You see Im still a university student who works part time facing computers and books all the time. I just want to know the following:

1) When will I be able to see computer and books, notes crystal clear again without being troubled by the little longsight.
2) I have this feeling that something is in my left eye and its like scratching everytime I blink, its so annoying, doctor said it will go away in 2 days, but now its well past it, Im worried.
3) When I look at things, it feels like its a little foggy all the time, even when the image is kindof clear, if that makes sense? My vision just feels unreal, everything seem to be covered in a little pale white, i dont know what this is.

I've been following my doctors instructions to take antibiotic eyedrops and artificial tears 3 times a day every 6 hours. Doctor said I wouldnt hav dry eye problem since im young I will have enough tears, what is the explanation of all these if its not dry eye? He just kept telling me to be patient and wait and it just makes me worry even more that all these will be permanent. :(

Please help
Hi Vergil
Sorry you are having problems but quite common in early days I think. I certainly had the scratchy eye feeling- make sure you don't rub them and ask your optometrist for some preservative free drops- that should help.
As far as I know , most people only started getting a bit near sighted (difficulty in reading) when short sightedness decreases (or so they say but not for me) around the age of 40 so you have quite a wait!
I would definitely go back to your optometrist about the white cloud effect you describe- this doesn't sound like anything I've read about.
Hope it soon resplves for you.

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