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I am 24 days post op and my vision fluctuates daily. My eyes feel 'swollen' all the time and my vision has been fair at best. Yesterday was the clearest vision I have had since the surgery, which was encoraging, but today is hazy. Driving in the dark is scary and I'm not sure I should be driving but I have to get to work!
I am far sighted so I must use 'readers' in order to work (I'm IT and on a laptop all day). I use massive amounts of eye drops (artificial tears) to at least keep some vision sustained. At night I use GenTeal gel which is really good, during the day I use a combination of Systane drops and Soothe long lasting drops. My next appoint ment is next week, so I hope my eye sight improves.................I'm beginning to regret I every had the surgery.

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