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[QUOTE=NAJ1972;5326668]Hi. I had LASIK just over 4 weeks ago. I had myopia before (about -5 in both eyes).

I suffered with very dry eyes in the first 2 weeks post op and had a tear break up time of only 3 seconds. I now have punctual plugs and decent eye drops and am delighted that my eyes don't FEEL dry or sore any more.

However, i have major fluctuations in vision. My eyes start off great each day and i can see very well. Within an hour or so I then start to feel a bit myopic again. My daughter's -0.5 glasses feel very clear but a little too strong maybe. I think i have slight blurring/ ghosting but i would probably just say that i feel under corrected most of the time. i had 3 days of good vision last week, but poor vision this week -with a possible slight improvement these last 2 days. This coincides with when my steroid drop dose has dropped to one drop a day (not sure if that's relevant).

when i put in my eye drops, my vision is amazing for about 5 mins, then deteriorates. Does this suggest that dry eye the cause of the poor vision, despite my eyes feeling comfortable?

My surgeon seems to disbelieve that i have these fluctuations and dismisses the fact that I don't feel that I see well, as i did well on the vision test.

I'm seeing him next week and i think I'd like to ask for driving glasses as I feel that on a bad day, my vision is barely at the legal driving limit. I am avoiding long journeys for this reason.

If i get driving glasses, could this somehow affect the long term outcome of the LASIK? I'm thinking that glasses could discourage the eye muscles from learning to function fully, for instance. i'd just like a pair of -0.25 to keep in my hand bag.

Any advice appreciated, while i wait patiently for my long term vision to stabilise![/QUOTE]

I feel lucky after reading your post and some others in this thread. I had Lasik in 2000 (age 41) with one eye left slightly myopic for reading. I passed the DMV eye test the next day with both eyes and was happy. I had halos for a couple of weeks and dry eyes for a couple of weeks and both went away. Sounds great right? Wrong!!!! In about 2008 my eye dr. suggested glasses for night driving. I fought it for 2 years before giving in and getting them. After I got them I realized how much I hated "monovision" I started wearing them more than he told me to but my eyes didn't change. I was actually happy last year when he told me I could wear them all the time which I had been close to anyway without his knowledge. At my last exam last month the only change was the astigmatisam (spelling) went away and even said if I did not want to get a new script I would be fine. My vision was only about a -2 so I wasn't near as bad as you. Just a note after the surgery the right eye was 20/20 and the left eye was 20/25 to 20/30 which was on purpose for reading. Not I think my right eye is 20/40 and left eye is 20/50ish. The Dr. said I would have trouble the DMV exam now but I don't have to back until 2018. In closing if I had stumble on this board earlier and you had posted you were thinking about lasik I would have said DON'T DO IT! At 4K I figure it cost me $400 a year not to wear glasses for 10 years. In my agreement an enhancement is covered but I said no thanks.

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