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Sorry for the long post, just getting it off my chest. Skip to the last few paragraphs for my main questions.

I had lasik about four and a half years ago, my eyes were pretty bad before and I had an astygmatism, but obviously because I had the money I was a "good candidate".

I wore glasses my entire life all day every day so I was used to them and never even considered wearing contacts let alone lasik. I was about 21 when it was offered to me by my mother (who just had it redone after getting it done originally decades ago) and I didn't look at the possible side effects at all really. I was young and stupid and seriously regret my decision, it was free for me and just expected my vision to be fine.

My HOA/night time vision issues have not improved since day one, I still get a big circle of light below (and a thinner streak above the light) LED lights and what I used to love doing the most (watching movies etc) has become a chore as every single lighter object on the screen emits a hazey streaky light around it.

My eyes also feel dry and I always feel my left lower eyelid palpitating a lot and I have trouble keeping focused as my eyes feel tired and want to "zone out" when watching TV, driving or doing anything that involves looking in one place for a while. I am hopeful glasses I have ordered from the opticians (left +1.00 right +0.25) will help me with this focusing issue though. I assume the lower left eye lid pulsing is to do with constantly battling to keep it in focus and dryness tiring out the muscle.

I know I can't go back in time and undo what was done. I am scheduled to go back to the lasik clinic in January when I will tell them about my problems, I should have gone back years ago. I am probably in their records as a "success".

Has anyone had success with enhancement surgeries to get rid of the haze/glare/starbursts/halos etc? They didn't mention that there was an undercorrection or anything in the followup appointments after 6 months so I don't even know if they will offer that as a solution, or if it would work.

I have also looked at RGP contact lenses but, as I mentioned I have never worn contacts but if it is the only way I can comfortably watch TV and play games again then I'll have to do it. The glare I get off screens is much more annoying for me than the starbursts I get from driving at night (when I am just trying to get from A to B rather than relaxing and enjoying myself). Do lasik clinics ever offer RGP lenses as an option?

When I look through a pinhole all the HOAs are gone which makes me depressed as I can see what my vision used to be like when I had glasses. They never mentioned that my pupils were so large that this would be an issue but maybe those drops that stop your pupils getting too large could help?

I gather those are my only options for fixing my HOA issues? Ideally, I'd like to avoid surgery but then I also don't want to have to wear RGP contacts the rest of my life. Can anyone advise me on if enhancement surgeries helped fix these issues or what was the best solution for you?
curious if you have found out more about the topography treatment. i too have strange night vision problems for a multitude of reasons but the one consistent suggestions has been topolink lasik which has been performed throughout the world except for the united states.

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