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I have zeiss glasses that resolve the induced mixed astigmatism. But depending on eye dryness, I do not usually need them - unless the eyes are extremely dry. Also It does not address the starburts. I do not know what wavefront glasses are. I do not want more surgery until a firm reason for these issues is determined. My lasik doctor has no idea. My opthamologist has no idea. My lasik doc wants to take measurements on the topo machine if he ever gets one. My eyes are weird in that the whole visual experience fluctuates without warning. If the eyes are very dry that leads to worsening aberrations. Sometimes I see any of these things with and without dryness: distorted light source with bursts, no distortion of light source with bursts, minor distortion with minimal tiny to no bursts meaning nearly normal vision, no distortion but smaller or thinner burst or less bursts or bursts in a different spot than usual. Sometimes I leave a brightly lit indoor space for a dark nighttime space and I see huge bursts until the pupil adjusts, other times I have none of that. I have not tried alphagan p because its worthless for day to day life, it would obviously help make the pupil small and thus mask seeing the aberrations, but is impractical for the lighting conditions that occur in everyday life.

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