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lights (street lights and headlights) look like dandelions that's about it. might not seem much but they are fairly big. with alphagen they are more manageable but not perfect - more sun-like with a bright center and a halo around it.

i've gone to like 5 different doctors and each have different opinions on my dryness so i'll be getting plugs soon to isolate the issue.
i see.

one of my doctors suggested i go through the following first before i consider additional surgery.

dry eye treatment - i do have dry eyes
over minus glasses - extra prescription for night time
wavefront glasses - glasses made with your wavefront imprint in mind.

luckily there is a topo machine and laser in the state i live in but i won't explore that option until like you said a specific reason is identified. even that doctor said that there will be an improvement after surgery but how much he couldn't quantify.

for me i think my issues stem from small optical zone because alphagen p has some success in minimizing my issues - large faded halo behind lights but bright center from light source which only occurs at night. there are some mild starbursts indoor from small light sources like leds but that's a minor issue imo.

i see 20/20 in day light and the image i see at night is a uniform circle almost like a thumbprint/dandelion.

im also about 3.5 months into surgery too so who knows if things will improve by 6 months
bens123 - Any update? I'm in a very similar situation.

nowayman - Curious if things have improved for you. 'Dandelions' brought a smile to my face with a subject that has caused me only anger and depression, so thank you.

Curious about 'topolink'. I did a quick search but only got a few articles from 15 years ago. Sounds more or less like an early version of wavefront LASIK.

Regarding PRK vs. LASIK: I had wavefront LASIK in one eye and wavefront PRK in the other in May 2011. (The PRK eye had a thinner cornea, just below the thickness the surgeon recommended for LASIK.) Both procedures were done at the same time on the same laser.

My PRK eye has always been sharper than my LASIK eye, which has regressed to -0.75 with a little astigmatism. My PRK eye is still at 20/15. The bad news is that both eyes have practically the same amount of halo/starburst and dryness.

I went back on Restasis and a small omega-3 supplement nearly a year ago to try to improve the dryness, but if anything I'm using [i]more[/i] artificial tears now.

Alphagan partly helped night vision (I could watch movies in a theater without distraction) but actually made starbursts worse. In any case, I had to start using it twice a day for suspected glaucoma, so the pupil effect wore off... which sucks.

I have wavefront glasses which are very sharp, but unfortunately do nothing for the halo/starburst.

So my attempts thus far have been discouraging, but there are a few more options. I finally made an appointment with a new ophthalmologist who seems knowledgeable about dry eye. I also want to try reverse geometry/scleral lenses. I think I've been putting these off because, if they don't work, the only option left would be another laser surgery and I don't know that I could ever go through with that again. At which point, I'd have to accept that some things will never look as good as they did before May 2011.

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