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This is going to be a very long post, (perhaps the longest in the history of mankind lol) so im going to divide it up into smaller chapters.

IF you don't wanna read Everything (which would be understandable, but than again you risk missing the bigger-picture : D )
than you should at-least read the INTRODUCTION and the SHORT STORY chapters, along with the last two chapters of this post called: THE REQUST TO USE.. , and WHAT THIS MEANS.. in order to get a somewhat clear idea about my predicament.
Thank you for your time and interest.
Due to the nature of the post (which is very long) there may have been some spelling errors etcatera, and I shall strive to take care of such mistakes in due course.



I am a new member here, just registered.
And like most of you (I recon) I am suffering from... shall we say... a ''lasik complication'' ?

First of all, for those of you who are uninterested in Reading my entire lasik story; here is the SHORT version:



Today marks the day when I had my lasik operation exactly 7 months ago.
After all those months, my vision is now stable and I dont have any such problems (thank god) regarding Visual acutiy and/or haze, etc, (There *IS* some halos, starbursting etc left, but *NOT* very noticable)
BUT after all this time, I am STILL suffering from eye PAIN. More SPECIFICALLY my RIGHT Eye is the problem.
The pain isn't devastating, but its there (most of the time), is very noticable, distroughting and psychologically disturbing... and worrying.
This pain is usually either preceeded, accompanied and/or followed by the rather discomfortable feeling of having an eye-lash in my right eye.
I Close my (right) eye for 3-4 days, and it usually solves the problem (sometimes it relieves the pain for only 2-3 days, other times for 2-3 weeks,
BUT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, closing my (right) eye ALWAYS seems to allievate the pain and help it heal......BUT eventually, I open my eye again (naturally) and than gradually it gets worse.... yet again... than rinse & repeat).
The doctor's dont know what to do. So far, they have prescribed various sorts of eye drops and a myriad of gels BUT no-dice! The problem persists.

So.. what do I need help with? Why am I posting here?
Well, clearly (as you would'a guessed by now), I need help with ending the pain and the discomfort associated with the symptoms above - preferably WITHOUT having to close my eye for 2-4 days every other week or by pulling my eye out of its socket to make it stop :D



Here is some background information first:
Im a male, close to 30 years old.
I live in Sweden.
I am a graduate of University of Gothenburg (Religion, International Relations) but im currently unemployed PRECISELY because of the reason I am posting this message right now (a.k.a Lasik).

Like most lasik patients, I used to use glasses to see properly.
I could see things in near-vicinity very clearly, BUT things further-away, well, thats when things got very blurry to me. (I GUESS we could say that I was ''near sighted'') ?
I started with some very light Reading glassess when I was a child.
Then, throughout my years at school and university, together with the fact that I am also an avid computer player (no, im not overweight - not that I got anything against people who are overweight, anyways) made sure that my eyes got gradually worse, and thus I started using stronger and stronger glasses in order to be able to see properly.
I used to hear my girlfriend and friends that I looked ''much better without the glasses''.
Some recommended that I used ''lenses'' in order to get rid of glasses, BUT (back than) I thought; ''nah, it ain't for me'', I cant be bothered with putting on and off the lenses etcatera.
Than my father RECOMMENDED ''LASIK'' to me.
His brother (my uncle) who lives in England - had lasik some years ago, and he was - in fact - very satisfied with the results.
So, one faithful day, I decided to do it! I decided to have this so called ''Lasik Sergery'' in order to get rid of my glassess for good.
Now, Im sort of afraid of reading about sicknessess etcatera on the internet, so I often avoid reading too much into them, OTHERWISE I can start thinking that I have the same symptoms (even though I have a clean bill of Health - so far - at least).

I knew that if I read about ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE ON THE INTERNET (even very simple things such as donating blood, or a common headache); I would read the ''risks'' associated with it (lasik), AND AVOID THE PROCEDURE ENTIRELY.

So, I didnt read about Lasik on the internet Before having the operation (much to my chargin, regret and demise later on) :(
I only asked my parents and some friends about lasik, AND a friend whose wife actually had lasik surgery where I live (in Gothenburg), and I only Heard good things about it.
So, as I said, it was decided, I was going to have ''laser surgery''.
But it was really expensive where I live (Sweden/Gothenburg).
And my father was recommending to me that I should have my surgery in this country to which we shall refer to as ''XX''.
Why ''XX''? Well, it wasn't any ''far-eastern'' country or anything like that, BUT based on my PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE regarding the subject, giving the country name can immediately AND UNWILLINGLY make the listeners use ALMOST racial slurs etc against the country in question (as this is a very touchy subject.....lasik complications) so I try avoid give any names as such.
My dad also told me that he has come to know several different patients who all had their lasik surgeries in country XX, and they were all happy with the results. So, why should I be afraid? ''Hey, its cheaper, and everybody gets their (lasik) surgeries over there''.

So, anyways;
I travelled to Country XX 7 months ago and had my surgery (almost) exactly 7 months ago, today (04/09).

We went to a big ''five star'' hospital,
And than the nurses first put me through some trials&tests,
than the resident ''Eye-doctor'' of the hospital examined me, and decided that my Eyes were ''ok/good to go'' for lasik surgery.

The day after that was the day that we went to the hospital again for the surgery.
But the doctor told us that even though he is the hospital's resident ''eye doctor'', the hospital itself provided no services for lasik surgery, and thus we should move on to his ''private clinique'' to proceed.

We travelled to his private clinique, it looked small, albeit very clean, with expensive furniture, and professional looking nurses & personelle.

So far so good, right?
BUT I WAS GETTING SCARED........Was it all a mistake?? Maybe I should reconsider this??
I was getting the Cold feed, but by now, it was all too late.
And we proceeded with the operation.



I lied down on the bed.
The machine was adjusted on top of my head, and the surgery was started.
The doctor ''did'' my right Eye first, and than he proceeded on the the second one (on the left).
The whole procedure might have been a Little scary, but it was painless, and not particularly uncomfortable.



Immediatly after the surgery, the doctor told me that the operation was a success, and that from that day on, I wouldn't need my glassess anymore.
To emphasize his Point, he even put my old glassess on me Before I left the clinique, so that I could ''see'' for myself the huge difference that the surgery had made. My vision was very blurry now with my old glassess, and BETTER without it.
BUT even without the glasses, the doctor told me that it was ONLY NORMAL that I was seeing Everything hazy and blurry now, as if I was ''underwater'', AND that the situation should resolve itself soon after a good nap in a couple'o Days, at most.
Immediately after the surgery, the doctor told me that he had put ''bandage lenses'' on my Eyes.
Because it was because of the ''fact'' that my Eyes had some very loose ''epitelhium'', or shall we say; ''loose epithelial layer'' (his Words, not mine).
But it was notning to worry about, I've been told.
Just don't take off your Contact-lenses for about 2 Days and you'll be fine, he said.
The day after, I Went to the doctor again, as a ''follow up'' visit, and he said my Eyes were healing fine, and that I should have more patiance Before my Eyes heal completly.
On the second day of my follow up visits, the doctor told me (again) that I had some loose epithelial layer on my Eyes, and that even though my vision was getting better, I should wait 1 more day Before they take the lenses off.
On the third, AND LAST day of my visit; the doctor took off my lenses told me that my vision was struggling to get better, because I had some ''ocular odema/Eye odema'' or something like that (yeah, im not good with Medical terminology).
All the time during those 3-4 Days, he was asking me how I felt.
He told me that the ''pain'' and or the ''eyelash feeling'' in my Eyes would get better in time. BUT I CONSTANTLY REPLIED THAT; I HAD *NO* SUCH SYMPTOMS TO BEGIN WITH.
I didn't feel like I had dry Eyes, didnt feel any pain, and didnt feel like I had eyelashes in my Eye, either.
As I said, this was my last visit at the doctor BEFORE I had to travel back to my home-country, AND HE DID say that he'd rather I stayed a few Days or a week more so that he could keep his Eyes on me, but for me, the tickets were already pre-ordered and I couldn't change anything.
Also, I thought it would be easier to rest on my own bed in my own apartment when I turned back.



I had an early trip back to Sweden next day, so I had to Wake up early.
BUT just the night Before the trip, I noticed something!
So, sort of suddenly, my right-Eye wasn't seeing as clearly as my left Eye.
It was getting hazier....
Well, I slept for a few hours Before the flight back home, hoping that the sleep would help me with this new ''right Eye haziness'' problem of mine, BUT IT DIDNT.
And throughout the early morning, and on my way to the Airport, I could actually feel that the vision of my right eye was getting worse.

Inside the first Airport (which - in and outside of itself was rather ''largeish'') I had a difficult time to find my way around, but finally made in in time for my schudled flight.
But by the time I arrived at my transit location (the second Airport); my vision had gotten EVEN WORSE, and I barely made it to the airplane in the last second Before it took off, since it was becoming so difficult for me to read the flight signs/panels etc (AND I WAS TRAVELLING ALONE, ofcourse). My left Eye ''was still healing'' and my right Eye was only getting worse :(

I was sleepless, tired and worried. Also, when I was trying to find my way around inside the second Airport; I noticed something somewhat wierd: that the insides of my Eyes,,, err,,,, I mean on my ''eyeball''; I could see some wierd, very visible ''striae'' or whatever its called.
I even took a Picture of my Eyes with my mobile-phone, and they were clearly visible on the mobile phone, as well.
Had'em in BOTH Eyes.
Didn't hurt, but was feeling uncomfortable, as if I hadn't slept in many Days; which actually was the case, as I was only getting about 4-7 hours of sleep a day, at most.
But, as I said; I had a plane to catch, anyways.
On the final flight back home, I was wathing TV (the one's integrated into the seats) and even as I watched the Movie, I could notice that my vision in my right eye was getting even worse.
By the time I made it to Landvetter Airport (Sweden/Gothenburg), INSTEAD of going home, I asked my father (who came to pick me up) to IMMEDIATELY give me a ride to the emergency section of Mölndal Hospital.



Despite my best efforts, the nurse at Mölndal hospital thought I was crazy for being worried about my situation, as such things as blurry vision was ONLY NORMAL for lasik-patients, and I had my surgery only about 4 Days ago.
''Go home'', were her Words.
I tried to convince her to let me see the doctor but I was kindly told that the doctor was busy with ''real patients'' and it would be a mistake to let her see me.
She told me; '' tell you what? IF THE DOCTOR WHO MADE THE (LASIK) SURGERY ON YOU tells you to seek immediate Medical assistance, ONLY THAN you may come-back here, and we shall assist you.

So, I Went back home, and called the doctor that operated on me, and told him Everything about my right Eye on the flight back home.
The doctor asked me a few questions first,
''YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY GO BACK TO THAT HOSPITAL, and let them know that it is the lasik-surgeon who operated you that wants you to seek immediate mediacal attention''

Why? Because, according to the diagnosis the doctor could me ON THE PHONE, there was a possiblity that one of my FLAPS MAY HAVE GOTTEN DISLODGED.
He didn't Think that it could have ''fallen off'', though. He told me that the way he made the surgery, it was nigh impossible for the flap to fall off, NOT UNLESS it was exposed to some extreme form of physical trauma this soon after the surgery - which WASN'T the case anyways.
But he DID Think that the flap on the right Eye might have been moved out of its Place, so its immediately back to the emergency room at the hospital for me.

NOW BACK AT THE HOSPITAL; the same nurse noticed me waiting there again, and said? ''Oh, you'r back'' IN A VERY NEGATIVE TONE/MANNER (as if I was not a patient but a maniac lol).
Than I told her that I did as she asked; Went home, called my doctor, AND IT IS HE (MY DOCTOR) who told me to seek immediate Medical assistance,
so this time, she let me stay and wait for my turn.

Thank god other nurse noticed my predicament and realized that I was almost getting blinb on the right eye, that I wasn't faking it and it really was an emergency.
She talked to the doctor, and this time; I WAS EVEN MOVED AHEAD IN LINE in front of some other patients.

The doctor (who was very kind) examined me, listen to what I had experienced and what my doctor told me, than she presented her diagnosis:
''Your flap is still in Place - as it should - but you have an ephitelial erosion. An epithelial defect that has gotten larger. Usually; the body a.k.a the eye can repair an epithelial defect on its own, BUT SINCE you were operated on recently, your body cant repair it on its own Accord this time, and thus its preventing you from seeing clearly in the right eye''.
The solution?
EYE-PATCH! (Arrr, me harties!)
Eye patch for 3.5 Days. The eye must be closed 100% of that time, THE ONLY EXCEPTION being that 4 times a day; you must use ''Chloromecytin) which will BOTH prevent the new epithelial layer from glueing itself to your eyelids, AND prevent bacteria from forming during that time.
And before I go to sleep; its Oculentum Simplex for both eyes.
OTHERWISE; I should keep on using the drops that the doctor prescribed for my left eye as usual.



I CAN SEE! The vision of my right eye is back! Thank god, god(S) or whatever diety you Believe in lol!
Sure, my vision wasn't perfect (starbursts, halos, a Little haze here and there), BUT both Eyes were seeing about the same, and it was getting better day by day.
Sometimes the haziness would increase, and sometimes it would decrease even more, leading to better Visual acutiy over time.

During that time, I visited several state-sponsored AND private hospitals to make sure that there was nothing wrong with my Eyes.

I wa told that I had some flap ''Striae'' (what's it called) on my right eye, but it wasn't anything serious, and it wasn't unexpected after a lasik surgery, either. It will get better over time, I was told.

The doctors told me that the ''epithelial defect'' in my eye was getting better, as well, AND THAT my vision (in both my Eyes) was also getting better.
(Sure, I was told that I had ''dry eyes'', but thats it)
And thus, just as the title below is going to suggest; ''I was given a Clean bill of health''.



Following those days, for about 1.5 months (about 45-50 days) I HAD NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.
Sure, there was still a tiny bit'o haziness, and halos left, but it was nothing so serious, and that stuff - was in fact getting better over time.
No physical pain or discomfort.

I was happy, things could only get better in time, I hoped.

But I was so wrong, unfortunately :(

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