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thanks for the reply and it is helpful. I know I am really having a major dry eye issue with the left as it is really dry every morning and seems like it takes a hour to get it going. I definitely tell it when I hit the snooze on my cell phone as the right is perfect and the left can't read squat.

I talked to my dr. about the dryness but he claims it still early and to wait. Waiting is hard but I guess that's what we do when options are nil.

I can read the 20/20 line but it is blurry. I can make out some of the 20/15 but blurry. The right has crisp clear letters at the same lines. Both together I can see 20/20 5/5 and then 3/5 on 20/15.

I probably shouldn't complain much but it is bothersome just because I notice it so easily. I notice it more at work on the computer and reading documents. When I am out and about doing things not so much.

Oh well, life goes on and each new day brings another adventure into the world of vision correction and the results.

Thanks again for the information :)

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