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So, like the title says. Before I had PRK, I've had no history of astigmatism. Right after having PRK, I could tell my right eye was not progressing as fast as my left eye. Right after having PRK, my vision was terrible (as expected.) But my right eye was worse right off the bat from my left eye. As my eyes healed, I complained to the doc about my right eye still weaker. He said I have to give it time. Well, a year and a half later, I moved to a new state. I went to another eye doctor. My right eye has gotten more blurry. He diagnosed my right eye now as having astigmatism.

I do know I do have the option of possibly getting laser eye surgery and seeing if it can be corrected. But also, you should only get laser eye surgery once and maybe twice. I know if I get it done again, it is possible my eye could be worse than if I didn't. There's no way of knowing if it will help or hurt. Also, if it's getting worse, it won't stop getting worse from just getting the surgery. I just need to wait for it to get as bad as it will, then consider getting the procedure done again.

Until then, today I ordered glasses and contacts. Kinda sucks. But has anyone else ever had no history of astigmatism, but after Lasik or PRK, got astigmatism?

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