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First, I am far sighted but needed glasses for all range of site. I had Lasik surgery 3 weeks ago and after the 'rest' period the day of surgery and the day after surgery had greatly improved far and mid-range sight. Since then, my left eye was very clear (especially far sight) and my right eye was blurry. At the 1 week followup they told me my eyes were healing properly and to be patient. After 3 weeks my eye sight in both eyes has deteriorated to where I can't see clearly at any range. I use lubricating eye drops several times an hour, and during the night wake up and need to use the drops. I knew I would need readers for reading (which barely help at this point), but now I am blurry in both eyes mid-range and far sight which is what was to be improved.

I'm thinking I made the biggest mistake of my life!!!!
Thanks for responding Kevin!
After reading a post on this site, I found someone that had many of the same issues that I am having. The post was very helpful and gave me a good guide to the solution to my problem..........hydration! They said to use GenTeal lubricant gel at night and Systane Ultra drops during the day. Since I started using them my sight has improved 90%.

So now all I need is patience!!!


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