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Thank you for posting an update. I agree with you that for the most part we are free of glasses which a good thing.
Prior to my scheduled appointment to see the surgeon 11 weeks post op, my reading vision was poor, I was on Alrex twice a day and celluvisc 6-7 times a day. He felt my eyes were on the dry side and he inserted tear duct plugs, and since then my close up vision has become much more blurred.
I went back to see as soon as I could, he thinks itís the alrex (steroid drops) that I should discontinue using them, he thinks the blurriness is from an increase in my eye pressure which has me completely worried. He says that tear duct plugs do not cause any side effects unless they get infected. He thinks the plugs should stay in to combat the dry eyes Iím having. I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence that the alrex finally kicked in or the tear duct plugs. My eyes are not watery. I think thatís the only reason people remove them when there is too much tears being produced. I couldnít find any reviews or blogs on tear duct plugs causing blurry vision.
I am now 12 weeks post op waiting for the Alrex that Iíve been using for 12 weeks to subside. I go back to see the surgeon in 4 weeks he wants to make sure the eye pressure is dropping.

Henrietta, youíre in the UK and in there is an excellent amputee clinic there! Iím in Canada, though born and raised in the UK.

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