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Had my follow up appointment. Abrasion is healing nicely, but I am still supposed to use the Muro 128 drops for another week. Right eye is at 20/20, left eye 20/30 showing a slight astigmatism apparently. What does that mean exactly? Is this something that they will have to correct?

The doctor told me that my left eye still has some swelling and that it should come down over the next few weeks and hopefully clear up my vision. My biggest issue is the trouble i'm having working on a computer. If I wasn't on a temporary assignment at work right now I would likely be off on leave so that I could give it some rest.

Very glad not to have any eye pain or symptoms of excessive dryness. Will keep hoping for increased clarity.
This will likely (hopefully) be my final update. I had surgery about a month ago and just returned from my check up. I am now seeing 20/20 in both eyes, no astigmatism. My issue of blurry at all distances has been resolved. About a week ago my left eye started to focus and seeing became a lot easier! I was able to read a few letters on the 20/15 line as well!

My abrasion is healed and hopefully does not reoccur. Halo's have gone done at night as well but I am hoping that my night vision improves, it is not where it was with glasses and things get blurry at distance with alot of brake lights etc.

I'm hoping my eyes continue to heal and I end up with 2015 but i'd be happy with the results if they stayed this way and i needed glasses for night driving. I went skiing this weekend and it was amazing to finally wear goggles instead of prescription sun glasses!

I put drops in every hour or so just to prevent any issues with the abrasion.

One thing to note, I have been using Systane Ultra drops and switched to Refresh Tears for one day when I got a free bottle from a the end of the day my eyes were burning and the abrasion felt like it came was very strange so I through the bottle out immediately and went back to Systane. Not sure what happened but I'll just stick to what has been working.

If I could go back in time, i'm not sure that I would do this surgery again, it was very stressful for me and glasses really weren't that bad of a thing to deal with. But it is fun to be glasses free I have to admit.

Best of luck to everyone and thanks for reading.
Hi there, i just did enhancement surgery on my right eye about a month ago, i experienced similar problem as you , for example when i look at a computer screen with both eyes ,i have problem seeing it well , its like the vision doesnt coordinate well and like you say its like watching 3d movie without 3d glasses. However when i close my left eye(good eye) and see with my right eye, my right eye takes about a second to focus and immediately i was seeing clear with my right eye, so if each eye is seeing clear individually, why when i see with both eyes it was totally blurish and hard to focus? I also noticed when i put eye drops , my right eye will be clear for a minute then goes blurry again , not sure if it is dryness or my astigmatism has returned (barely a month after enhancement). Anyway I am glad you have recovered from this problem
Almost forgot to update anyone following this thread. I had a BCL in for about 5 days and then took 2 days off work to really rest my eye. The rest helped immensely and I've been seeing clearly for a week and a half now. Going pretty hard with the Muro 128 drops and am now using a gel at night, have also upped the humidity in my house.

Definitely healed way faster this time, and I was a lot less stressed, even though my vision was quite bad in my left eye this time (abrasion was right over the center of my eye).

Still don't regret the surgery, I love seeing clearly without glasses!! Hopefully this wont happen again otherwise I'll probably need a stromal puncture, and that does not sound like fun.

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