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I was really hoping not to have ended up here but here I am. I had lasik done 8 days ago and experienced a corneal abrasion immediately after surgery. Had a Bandage Contact Lens (BCL) placed on after surgery and removed the next day (friday). By Sunday I was in a lot of pain and my eye was very red and stung a lot so I was taken back to the clinic for another BCL.

The BCL was removed on Wednesday (2 days ago) and my vision is very off. Thankfully, there is no pain in my eye anymore, and there is little to no feeling of something being stuck in there or dryness. My right eye is near perfection, I can see clearly at close, medium and far ranges. My left eye is clear today (new development) at reading distance, but blurry and not sharp far away. Both eyes together are acting funny. For instance, if I look at words on a page with one eye closed (either eye) the writing it clear, however if I look with both eyes, it's blurry and maybe slightly ghosting. It's nearly impossible for me to look at a cpu screen longer than a few minutes. its as if I'm watching a 3d movie without the 3d glasses on and gives me a headache. By the end of the work day, my eye feels full for lack of a better term, as if there is slight pressure being applied.

I have a follow up appointment in 5 days, but I am pretty disappointed so far. I did not have very poor eyesight before and was mostly doing this as a luxury. I fear that I have done irreversible damage to my eyes even though I know it is too early to tell that. However after reading everyone's stories, it seems as though I may be in for a long haul of trying different treatments and being patient.

I know it has only been 8 days, is it possible that my vision clears up relatively soon?
Coming up on my next appointment tomorrow. It has been 12 days since lasik. My right eye is perfect, left eye still blurry at all distances. It feels like the abrasion has healed, no pain and rarely any foreign feeling in my left eye. Still dealing with the blurriness and difficulty reading a computer screen. Again, it still looks as though I should be wearing 3d glasses to look at the screen or something.

I have a follow up appointment tomorrow with the optometrist at the Lasik center I had my eyes done. I presume they will tell me that the abrasion is healing and just to be patient for my eye to come around.

I will keep this post updated so that people can see what it's like to have lasik issues, and hopefully I'll be able to say that everything is all clear in the not too distant future! Trying to stay positive...I have 1 good eye and no pain or dryness issues that I can tell so I'm in better shape than some of you poor souls. Best of luck!

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