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I had lasik surgery performed by a surgeon with plenty of personal recommendations. I was nearly -10 with high astigmatism and was qualified by two surgeons. my surgeon told me that he would purposely undercorrect me because he expected regression to occur because of my prescription and that an enhancement would be in the works by month 3.

fast forward to now I have been tested at 20/20 with the eye chart even with some residual prescription and am handling my dry eyes pretty well. however the biggest issue I am facing is driving at night especially the headlights and streetlights appearing out of focus and bigger than they actually are. I believe these are called starburst but the pictures online aren't exactly the same as what I see. I have used alphagen with some success but can't deal with the drowsiness that occurs especially when I am driving. if anything the alphagen only masks temporarily on how bad my nighttime vision is without it. i can't honestly say if this complication has gotten worse or better since day three but it isn't manageable without the alphagen.

I also noticed that glare from when the sunlight hits cars appears bigger and brighter than before surgery.

that being said i only realized after the surgery htat my surgeon performed conventional lasik procedure on me and due to me seeing 20/20 he'll only perform an enhancement on me at 6 months now. this is definitely a curveball I did not expect so I am seeking other opinions.

I have gotten some second hand advice from other doctors regarding custom refinement enhancement which is basically a custom procedure on top of my current one. I am unsure if that means Prk as it is working on the surface cornea itself rather than lifting the flap but I believe a lifting flap is also an option.

of course I rather do this earlier than later and would ideally if needed lift up the flap rather than create a new one (ugh). has anyone else gone through this as well and what options did you end up pursuing?

specifically have you done a procedure to just treat your complications? and did you have to go through the same regiment (antibiotics, steroid drops etc.)

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