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Thanks for getting back to me Henrietta! I really appreciate it. I'm not too good at the moment. Quick overview for you.... Had my original surgery in October 2014. My original prescription was for long-sightedness and asigmatism. The results in my left eye were fantastic, but the right eye had a small prescription left in it. Along with my surgeon we decided that I should have this eye enhanced. He performed another suitability test on me. After placing the drops in my eyes (the ones that relax the muscles) he discovered that my left eye was actually as bad as my right eye, but my eyes were straining to obtain this 'perfect vision'. From this I had to wear contact lenses to help my eyes to relax to the measured prescription. This was hard work and I really struggled to see through the lenses.
Anyway, after several months of wearing the lenses it was decided that my eyes were ready for the enhancement. I had the surgery in August last year. I was lasered for +0.97 and for my astigmatism of -0.47 in both eyes. The pain afterwards was much worse than with my original surgery and lasted for several hours. Anyways, 6 months down the line and my vision (although on paper, better) seems much worse than before the enhancement. I'm now measuring at +0.25 with .75 astigmatism in each eye. I now realise that it is and has always been the astigmatism that really troubles me. I can't stand not been able to see 1 focal point. My axis is at 170 and 175, so basically everything is doubled. So for a number 8, I see three circles on top of each other. Although my eyes are at the same prescription, the vision seems a lot worse through my right eye. I also find that when my eyes are drier, the vision is worse! Although, apparently my eyes are not 'officially' dry!
I am so regretful with having the enhancement. My vision was much crisper before it. I could actually see road signs and people faces. Went into B&Q the other day and it was an absolute nightmare with all the lettering and signs. I had a really bad headache by the end of the day from straining to see.
My dilemma is that I have been offered a third procedure as I'm not seeing anywhere near the 20/20 line, but this time it would be lasek, not lasik. I didn't hesitate with the first enhancement, but truly regret it now. I'm not sure I can function without the use of glasses at the moment. I do have a pair and find that my eyes are so much more comfortable when I wear them (although I try not to put them on!). Really don't know what to do?!
My brother in law had surgery at the same time as me (we held each others hand!) and his vision is great after the 1 procedure. Plano in both eyes! Even though his vision before the surgery was terrible!
Feel like I have no one to talk one seems to understand. Thank you for reading.

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