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So I had Lasik almost two weeks ago. Monday will make it exactly two weeks since surgery. It went okay but my left eye was a bit more painful than the right when I got it done. I went in the next day for my check up and he said my corneas are swollen and to double the anti-inflammatory drops. So i did. Took those with the antobiotic drops and the fake tears. I go back last monday, one week later and they are STILl swollen. I am healing up fine. The flaps and the correcton are great. But the suction of the moisture they do traumatized my corneas and they are not regenerating cells that they should be. I was told to take the horribly painful Moru 128 drops and keep taking the anti-inflammatory twice a day with the salt drops. Those I take four times a day. Very painful and leaves marks all over my face. So my life is completely based around taking eye drops now. But as long as they heal thats okay. I don't know if my cornea were too think for this and they went ahead and did it anyway for the money. I never had dry eyes before now. Wore contacts for almost 20 years with no issues. However when i was 16 i had an ulcerated cornea and it left a small scar. But the scar is not by the flaps and should not effect anything. Both eyes are equally blurry. The left is not worse than the right. I have corneal edema from the trauma of the surgery and I am now on day 6 of the new drops and no improvement. In fact, they are worse. More blurry. My next appt is not until March 16th and i am terrified I have permanently messed up vision and corneas now. I am going to a regular eye doctor to get another opinion. I know my Lasik surgeon diagnosed me correctly. He could clearly see where my cornea was missing what should have come back by now...and Muro 128 relieves swelling of the cornea. But this waiting every day for any improvement is killing me. Anyone else have this issue? It seems like it's hard to find anyone else with this problem.

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