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Thanks all. I get the swelling checked on monday and they will see if the cells that were traumatized are regenerating at all and if not then we go on to the next step which is more surgery I think. At this point i just want my eyes to be clear again. Walking around with two swollen, infected eyes is bad. I cant work now and I play music for a living on the side...hard to do that now too. Also hard to be in school and see the board so I'm struggling with every aspect of my life.
My situation is an odd one...I cant really give it time to heal...or wait 6 months and hope it gradually improves...they know exactly whats wrong so it's a yes or no thing. If the cells don't grow back naturally I need to get more surgery. If they are coming back I leave it and wait. If they are not there there won't be a gradual improvement...there cant be. I need those cells to see. Thats why I'm blurry...the correction is perfect. 20/20 if not better...the flaps are healed up.
It's a swelling between the flaps and the stroma. Eyes are not recovering from the suction they do doing surgery. Very very strange...I don't even have dry eye. Everything healed fine and my eyes are healthy but for this rare reaction.
I will post after my appt monday and update...
Thats a lot of issues you had after your A year to get better? Thats so crazy...Lasik caused all of that? Thats a very long time to have blurred vision...i know sometimes a few months past and then some have the correct vision...for others its two weeks...but over a year...I hope you can see well now.

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