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It's a surgery usually used on the elderly when they get cataracts removed and their eyes stay permanently dry from the trauma. This is what's happening to me but from the Lasik.
They have to cut the flaps once again and irrigate my eyes. Then that has to heal and then they are supposed to be back to normal. Of course I have no idea what the risks or side effects of that surgery are but it looks like i have no choice.
Three weeks now and I am still swollen, blurry and it actually seems worse.
The Muro drops still kill me but today is my last day of them so that's done.
Still taking the steroid drops 8 times a day but no improvement whatsoever.
The moisture that is in my eyes normally is just gone and it's not coming back. No one knows why. I had healthy eyes and now I don't from getting Lasik.
The more I ask people about this the more horror stories I hear about lasik. Esp with the flaps never healing. Airbag hits your face if you are in a car accident and it can dislodge both flaps easily. However if i had the other type of surgery who knows how my eyes would have reacted to that...took my friend a good 3 months to heal up and see well. They definitely are being overly optimist with the whole "you can even go back to work the next day!" thing. No one I know could do that. Several months for the other type of surgery to fully heal and almost a month from basic Lasik. Going back to work the next day would be insane.
Maybe on the 16th I will get positive news about the trauma swelling going down but I doubt it as I have stopped working now due to my right eye being so blurry. What a huge huge mistake this was.

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