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I had LASIK surgery 16 years ago on 2/5/1999 at TLC in Windsor, ON when I was 32. My original eyeglass prescription was:
OD: -6.75 SPH
OS: -8.25 SPH

I had a good outcome for about a decade. I didn't need glasses and didn't even have any dry eye experiences until I moved to New Mexico which has a very dry climate and is at a much higher elevation. This was in 2008. In 2009, I required glasses again. My prescription as of 2014 is:
OD: -1.0SPH, -1.5 CYL, 78 axis
OS: -0.75 SPH, -1.5 CYL, 90 axis

I'm also old enough now at 47 that presbyopia is an issue. I've got another pair of glasses with the following prescription which makes it easier to do work at the computer and reading. This is not usually required but there's no doubt that things are clearer:
OD: +.25, -1.5 78 axis
OS: +.50, -1.5 90 axis

It's actually surprising how the above prescription works especially on my right eye so suspect that the first one might actually be wrong with respect to the spherical correction. I've got a pair of bifocals with progressive lenses but can't stand them. I think it's because the lenses are too small to provide what I feel is a good field of vision.

In any case, the biggest problem with my eyes is now the astigmatism which didn't exist before LASIK. Is this a common long-term problem with LASIK? Or is this just something that would have happened over time anyway? I haven't seen that many posts about

Would a LASIK enhancement be an option this much later after the original LASIK surgery? Or is the correction too small to be reliably done with LASIK?

I don't see many posts this far after the original procedure but the ones I do are generally like mine - 10+ years post LASIK and they are wearing glasses again. I've gotten used to wearing glasses but don't like that I now have two pair. I wish I didn't have to wear any and loved that decade when it was true. I suspect that I won't be a good candidate for LASIK due to the dry eye experiences which I now get here in NM. I've actually had a couple corneal erosions that have happened during sleep in the past 5 years. These are more painful than any LASIK surgery. Typically though, I use artificial tears when I wake up and go to sleep and that's it.

Assuming a LASIK correction isn't an option, what are other options besides glasses?
ToPHeR - this is late, but I wanted to mention that the sudden appearance of many floaters is something to get checked immediately, if that's what you noticed.

mlcarson - I feel like a downer every time I post! but I think 10 years is a good run without glasses and certainly what I had hoped for. Unfortunately, residual myopia in one eye precluded that, and with the night vision problems that never fully resolved, I haven't been able to celebrate my decision to have surgery. At least I can do many things without glasses, which was impossible when I was -4.25 OU.

Yeah, I've definitely seen severe dry eye and recurrent corneal erosion listed as contraindications for LASIK.

Scleral contact lenses may be an option. As the name suggests, they rest on the sclera (white of the eye) and vault over the cornea, and are usually filled with saline before insertion, so the cornea is constantly moisturized. They are much larger than regular contacts, but supposedly comfortable because the sclera is much less sensitive than the cornea.

I plan to try them in the near future to see if they help my night vision. The only thing that concerns me is possible eyelid irritation, since part of the tear film is produced there (meibomian glands). So first I want to get the dry eye checked out more comprehensively.

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