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... Totally understand the over thinking it and worrying.... vision is SOOO important and when you've gone through such a scary thing as surgery on your eyes, it's hard NOT to question if you've done the right thing!!! ... (7 replies)
... y CA and was told I was a great candidate and was told how well I would see. I have had a little more than 2 weeks and all though I see more clearly is blurry and the blurry has not let up. I was told to live with this blur for the next year and I may get touch up at that point! ... (22 replies)
Post-Lasik Anxiety
Dec 13, 2010
... Where your concerns are kind of valid, I do think that most flap issues happen fairly soon after surgery, don't they? ... (3 replies)

... So I had Lasik almost two weeks ago. Monday will make it exactly two weeks since surgery. It went okay but my left eye was a bit more painful than the right when I got it done. ... (16 replies)
... corrected. However because it is still so soon I'm not sure. I was just at the doctor for a follow up 2 days ago and let them know it was slightly more blurry than my left eye, and the doctor just told me to use drops more frequently and check for improvement over the next 2 weeks. ... (11 replies)
... d although I do not have floaters, I did have the dry eye which eased significantly at the 2 month mark. I have astigmatism in one eye so I'm not happy with the blurry vision and it is my dominant eye so that makes it worse. ... (6 replies)
... I been having my right eye all blurry and cannot be corrected since my Lasik surgery Aug. 2011. I been to so many doctors and they dont have an answer to why. ... (3 replies)
... I have exactly the same problem, and I'm starting to worry that I will be stuck with blurry eyes. I had Lasik 5 months ago, with an enhancement performed on my left eye as the initial surgery over corrected the vision in that eye. ... (1 replies)
... Hi All, the blurry vision I have been experiencing after my lasik was probably the biggest issue I've had. Like everyone else I'm wondering if it was worth it. ... (16 replies)
... I think your doctor didn't do you any favors by not telling you that lasik doesn't correct presbyopia. Mine did and I was aware of it, so that's why I had monovision. Most people GET this. I'm surprised you hadn't heard that? ... (67 replies)
... and he's a lasik doc himself, just not the one that did my eyes. My eyes by the way are seriously messed up after lasik. ... (6 replies)
... Can you please update us on your progress. I am 10 days post lasik and still with blurry vision. Your story kind of describes mine. Hope to hear from you. ... (18 replies)
... I have had PRK surgery twice in my right eye. Recently had the second surgery because I was not getting clear vision months following the first surgery. ... (16 replies)
... Yes, I can sympathize as the same thing happened to me. You are not going to improve much after 4 days. ... (37 replies)
... Hi, Dan-girls, my eyes were -5.50 & -6 before the surgery. Hope they improve from that 20/60, if not I'll probably end up getting an enhancement. Meanwhile, I borrowed my sister's pre-lasik glasses to help with the driving situation, that seems to help a lot. :) (12 replies)
... I just had LASIK done four days ago. ... (1 replies)
... and a bad astigmatism in both eyes, that it could take longer than most other people for the vision to stabilize. ... (11 replies)
... So how can you be happy with that, you have halos and starburst at night, something you didn't have prior to surgery, you have blurry hazy indoor vision, something you didn't have prior surgery. So how is that ok? ... (9 replies)
... I have 4 days post Lasik and I am so blurry I feel seasick. Let me knw what you find out... if this is expected...I was told it will go away. It feels like it is permanent. ... (22 replies)
... I had lasik June 28, and was undercorrected...waiting for 3 months to hopefully have enhancement....but when I put my eyedrops my vision seems to clear up for just a few seconds....wonder if this means my eyes will get better........Which drops do you all prefer...... ... (2 replies)

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