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... I had Lasik surgery 4 years ago. I also had a horrible astimagtism before my surgery. I had an enhancement due to how heavy my astimagtism was. Although the correction was right, I have extremely bad dry eyes. ... (7 replies)
... Glad to know your vision is improving. I am going in tomorrow for my 4 week follow-up. My left eye is pretty much perfect. My right eye is still a little behind in terms of recovery. Night time vision keeps getting better, although not as clear as daytime driving. Halos and starbursts are slowly going away, and are minimal. I can see the computer monitor crystal clear... (18 replies)
... Today my left eye was back to normal, crisp and clear indoors and out. Also today, went in for my 1 week appointment with my regular optometrist and am seeing 20/20 with both eyes, 20/20 with left eye, and 20/25 with right with slight astimagtism (I swear that the letters I was reading the day after my surgery at the surgeon's office were bigger, but just could be my... (18 replies)

... WHY would any doctor perform lasik KNOWING you had dry enough eyes before, that CONTACTS were uncomfortable?! oy! :dizzy: (7 replies)
... That's actually one of the CONTRAindications against lasik. It will be worse after. What doctor told you THAT? :confused: (7 replies)
... You're kidding right? :confused: Lasek will in no way correct dry eye. It can make it worse however. (7 replies)
... I had a prob with dry eyes before my surgery which made wearing contacts a pain. After the surgery my eyes are so dry now, that I keep a bottle of Systane eye drops on my night stand and use them before I even think of getting out of bed in the morn. These drops are more viscus than normal drops and work wonders for me. Good luck! (7 replies)
... I have an astigmatism and was near sighted. I have had 2 surgeries and the astigmatism is still there but now I am far sighted! I can't see from my nose to two feet in front of me. Night driving is very scary. The headlights and street lights blur like halos and it is awful for driving. I have been like this for 9 months. I never had dry eyes but now they burn and itch most of... (7 replies)
... Hi, I just had the lasix 3 days ago and to my knowledge if you have dry eyes then the surgery will only make it worse, not better! They do tests to see if you would be a good candidate for the surgery by testing your eyes for tears. They will tell you if your not a good candidate. Hope that helps! Randi (7 replies)
... Hi, I have chronic dry eyes symtoms and I am told the lasek will correct the problem..I also have astigmatism. thanks Avis (7 replies)
... hi elizabeth... I think I am in a situation very much similar to the one you went through after lasik...I am 24...I had lasik done on Aug 2nd for my left and Aug 4th for my right these are my pre-op readings...R: -3.75-0.75 X85....L: -3.50-0.75 X135 I did Wave front lasik Like you, it did not take long .before my left eye became 20/20, perfectly clear as the doc... (30 replies)
... I had lasik done on Aug 2nd for my left and Aug 4th for my right. these are my pre-op readings...R: -3.75-0.75 X85....L: -3.50-0.75 X135 I did Wave front lasik Left eye is 20/20, perfectly clear as the doc checked today. Right eye has has been 13 days since my Right eye is operated on. the reading for R eye today is 20/25...and .75 degrees of... (5 replies)
... Got it done last thursday. First description of the procedure and then I'll cover what condition I am in now and my feelings. Oh 2 types of lasers available. Visik or Bausch&Lomb. Visik is older laser, more for general degrees. B&L newer some has eye tracking capabilities. For bigger iris and astimagtism. you can check this out on the various websites. 1) Put on a... (24 replies)

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