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... I'm sorry that it took me so long to respond. I think I missed this post somehow. Anyway, my vison does get blurry from time to time... mainly when my eyes feel really dry. I'm pretty sure that the blurriness is caused by dry spots on the cornea. ... (3 replies)
... But we were coming home the other night and I wanted to rest my eyes from the day, but everything was so clear I spent the whole ride just looking round at the signs and the lights etc..... strange... it was raining even. ... (3 replies)
... now but the blurry double vision and ghosting that is haunting me caused by dryness. ... (1 replies)

... Your vision will fluctuate for months. I know that some people say they could see perfect, but that is not usually the case. It also depends on how dry your eyes are. You are very early in the healing process. So don't panic, things will get better. Be sure to keep your eyes moist. ... (37 replies)
... surgery. The last I posted things were going good UNTIL I had my one month post op appt and the dr cleared me to use regular eye drops and since I sleep with my eyes cracked open he suggested using lacrilube gel while I sleep. ... (6 replies)
... excellent health with no history of dry eyes or any other eyes problems other than the need to wear glasses or contacts since age 10. ... (4 replies)
... This rings a bell with me. I had -2.25 astigmatism, not the worse by any means, but they did say it was significant. I'm looking at enhancement, and am hoping I will say it's a miracle :) :) I was frantic the first 3 weeks as I couldn't see in my own house, let alone drive. A true nightmare. It's gotten considerably better, but still blurry to drive (signs) and in my house... (22 replies)
... put a drop of ur favorite eye drops and see if that clears things up a bit. If it does and then after a few seconds your vision reverts back to blurry, you have dry eyes ... ... (4 replies)
... I first posted after my procedure in October '08. I was blurry to the point I felt sea sick dizzy. The dizzy went away but the blurry never did. CVS 125 reading glasses seemed to bring my vision in focus. My depth perception was off, I bang my car into poles in the parking lot.... ... (22 replies)
... t figure it out, it was too blurry. they told me i had an inflammation in my left eye so i was taking corticosteroids, and a week later they said that now i have dry eyes and its causing my vision to be blurry. My eyes dont feel dry per se, and i have been putting drops in every 15mins, thinking it would improve my vision. ... (37 replies)
... This afternoon it started getting blurry again, so it may have something to do with the amount of time I spend on the computer. I use my drops every hour and sometimes every half hour. ... (4 replies)
... thanks so much for all the support and advice. I'm a month out now. I wish I could say things were is still quite blurry except when I put eye drops in. ... (37 replies)
... my right eye was really blurry and I have had NO improvement.. ... (13 replies)
... I am not sure what to tell you about your eye, however I am 4 weeks post op and for the first week and a half or so my vision in my left eye was blurry when trying to read things, so I went to the eye doctor and he said that my eyes were dry. ... (4 replies)
... I'm going to see the doctor again in two days. I hope she can help. She didn't sound concerned on the phone...she said it sounded like dry eye, but scheduled an appt with me to be sure. ... (10 replies)
... i had lasik done last december and i had blurry vision in my left eye for quite a few months before it cleared up. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks. I went to the LASIK surgeon and he said that my blurry vision was probably caused by dryness. They gave me a bunch of Retaine drops and also cauterized the tear ducts on the blurry eye. ... (4 replies)
... My doctor says that my eyes are dry and has told me to use drops. ... (4 replies)
... Again, try not to worry. Easier said than done. Just keep using your preservative free drops. Also, if you happen to get really dry eyes, I recommend the gel, RefreshPM. This gel saved my life. My eyes burned so badly, I wasn't getting any sleep. This gel takes a lot of the burn away. ... (10 replies)
... ya'll, look up my other posts here. your stories sound like nearly every single other story here on this board. got lasik, expected perfection by the next day, blurry vision, didn't get it, depressed and scared, dry eyes, etc..... ... (37 replies)

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