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... excellent health with no history of dry eyes or any other eyes problems other than the need to wear glasses or contacts since age 10. ... (4 replies)
... Try a simple test. Look at some writing across the room say about 20 feet away that you can just make out. Now put a drop of ur favorite eye drops and see if that clears things up a bit. If it does and then after a few seconds your vision reverts back to blurry, you have dry eyes ... ... (4 replies)
... when I use eye drops, I'm OK for a few seconds, but then my distance vision rapidly declines. ... (4 replies)

... you getting the dry eye wait and see routine played by your doctor? ... (4 replies)
... I'm 5 yrs post op and dry eye only gets worse. That's the bad news. ... (4 replies)
... I never had problems in my vision is far or near. Until now before a week ago I had my eye swollen and red and watery so I went to the doctor and he told me that I'm having a viral infection. It's not the same doctor Who did my surgery by the way. ... (1 replies)
... After the surgery I have had blurry vision with a lot of 'ghosting'. At times the ghosting is worse than other times. ... (16 replies)
... I went for my week follow up a day early because I have a lot of haziness in both eyes and my L eye was very blurry. My R eye seems to be improving. The Dr. said all looked good that my vision would fluctuate for up to 3 months. 3 months? ... (0 replies)
... There are a few reports linking MMC to dry eye, but I see more evidence against that idea than for it. ... (1 replies)
... prescription when I got LASIK in 2004. I definitely experienced dry eye even with plugs I used for a couple of months. ... (0 replies)
... hey tend to keep folks uninformed. I knew going in as I did a ton of research before hand but I figured the benefits out weighed the negatives. I'm having more dry eye this week then the last and I'm sure next week will be totally different too. The fluctuations drive a person nuts that is for sure! ... (10 replies)
... with both eyes looking at the chart. Problem is, the lopsidedness of the vision creates headaches as well as other issues like looking through a rifle scope for hunting, etc where one eye needs to be good and may not. ... (10 replies)
... months ago. I still have blurry vision which I think is caused by a problem with focusing. I can read, especially if I squint, however whole objects are blurry even at short distances. It is so bad that if someone is 5 or 6 feet away I have trouble determining who the person is. ... (1 replies)
Blurry vision
Feb 7, 2011
... It has been five week and I have blurry vision after ILASIK. ... (0 replies)
... op, my eyes were blurry. I had some clearity now and then but, due to the dryness, I was blurry alot of the time. Then, around 6 months, things started getting better. I would say it took me 18 months before the periodic blurriness really sudsided. ... (4 replies)
... I have blurry vision 6 years after LASIK. ... (1 replies)
... Perhaps it would be prudent to get a second opinion from another LASIK provider. Can you give some more details about the surgeon experience, technology he used to perform the procedure? With LASIK, the cheapest option doesnt always result in a poorer result, but it can be a factor. (3 replies)
... Thank you Angsty. I went to the doc and apparently everything is just fine. My left eye is much drier than the other eye and I need to wait. I ask specifically if myopia is coming back or if I have been undercorrected and the answer was 'no' for both questions. ... (3 replies)
... Can anyone give me any advice. My sister had her surgery in Dec 2006. She can see pretty well out of her right eye but her left not good at all. The left eye is very blurry as if she is always looking through foggy glass and it is like she has a thumb print on her eye. This also get worse as the day goes on. ... (4 replies)
... now I'm starting to have a sting feeling in my left eye which was the one that felt pain more than the right eye during the surgery. ... (3 replies)

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