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... Hi, I had Halos, glare and starbursts to keep my dry eyes company after LASIK! Initially the halo effect appeared in daylight as well the night giving people and objects a halo around them. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this forum, I am writing because I did my lasik on april 19, it's been one month since my lasik. ... (7 replies)
... I had wavefront LASIK in one eye and wavefront PRK in the other in May 2011. ... (23 replies)

... did you have glare, halo and starburst at night? ... (7 replies)
... woke up with bad halo in the right eye. bluriness in both. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. I had Lasik performed on June 2nd at the Georgia Eye Institute. ... (2 replies)
Lasik and halo
Nov 16, 2004
... I had LASIK last week. I was told the halo effect may last 3 months. I had custom view LASIK done which does a more detail scan of the eye and corrects more imperfections such as night blindness, etc. Hopefully I'll know for sure within 3 months. ... (2 replies)
... related depression have been documented, the LASIK industry has repeatedly denied any link between LASIK complications and depression or suicide. But wait! What did Lt. Cmdr. John B. Cason, M.D. say to a group of his peers in January, 2012? ... (40 replies)
... my halo and starburst problems can recover? ... (1 replies)
2 Weeks Post Lasik
Jan 31, 2007
... I had lasiks a year and a half ago. The halo effect will get better. I only had it for a week or so. I was also told that depending on your age you may always need reading glasses. ... (17 replies)
... Gmiyano... Stay positive....I think you have every reason to be cautiously optimisic. When you have a good result IMMEDIATELY after lasik, that's half the battle... Keep using your drops, don't rub your eyes...and, hang in there. If you're night vision is excellent, you're doing better than I did right away! My night vision was good...with only slight halos for a... (19 replies)
Lasik and halo
Aug 27, 2004
... i had lasik last very happy with it, no more glasses and night i do see some halo in my right eye.....i had my right eye done twice left eye is pretty good, cant complain. will there be a fix for this problem? ... (2 replies)
... Negative results to lasik or other eye surgery, written with specifics about your personal circumstances, help people understand the possible dangers. ... (16 replies)
... nd after 6 months they finally did an "adjustment" on both eyes and OH MY GOSH!!! IT'S A MIRACLE...I can see perfect. My astigmatism was so bad he had to do this Lasik thing twice. Beware if you have a really bad astigmatism, you will walk out of your first Lasik blurry and dissapointed and will probably need a second time.... ... (22 replies)
... This rings a bell with me. I had -2.25 astigmatism, not the worse by any means, but they did say it was significant. I'm looking at enhancement, and am hoping I will say it's a miracle :) :) I was frantic the first 3 weeks as I couldn't see in my own house, let alone drive. A true nightmare. It's gotten considerably better, but still blurry to drive (signs) and in my house... (22 replies)
... are operated on intracor for presyobia, still yxou can find some get halo, glares etc. and that is non invasive procedure, but it still works on your cornea. If lasik gets similar to that procedure, without flaps, apperently it stll won't solve problems of low light quality of vision. ... (9 replies)
... I contemplated LASIK for about 7 years. I knew ppl who had it done with no regrets. After my separation I thought, "I'm doing it. ... (0 replies)
Repeated lasik
Jan 14, 2006
... I had lasik about 5 years ago and I never heard that it would need to be repeated. I was however considered a very good canidate for the surgery. ... (2 replies)
... Every surgery has risks but if you go to a cornea specialist for your Lasik then the risks are extremely low. ... (13 replies)
... w see normal at laptops and you can do your job. With this you put yourself at bi risk of that vision stability, of your focus for reading stability etc. Google lasik complicatiosn and read and see images of how you can end up. Gogle morris waxler, ex fda guy who doent reccomend thsi surgery to anyone. ... (6 replies)

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