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... wow. you sound SO much like i did post op! i had lasik (custom intralase) done in december of 2006, and at my next day appointment, i had 20/20 vision and was SO HAPPY!!! by the end of that day though, my vision had gotten way blurry and stayed that way for the next several weeks. i was FREAKING OUT!!! i read and researched everything i could find about lasik and side... (14 replies)
... Everyone heals at different speeds. It took me a year and a half to see a turn in my healing. I had Lasik not intralase so, I can't be sure that the healing is similar. But, 2 weeks is very soon. ... (14 replies)
... I dont have to go back for a month and then after that 6 months then a year. The glare is still about the same at night but as mentioned before the halos around lights has become a lot better, the rings are still there but not as bad. ... (6 replies)

... Your welcome! So far so good. Im about 1 week post surgery and everything seems to be going great, I notice my eyes are occassionally dry and both of them are still a little bloodshot. I go to my check up on Friday and will let everyone know how it goes. The only thing that bothers me so far is at night. My night time vision is great unlike before the surgery I had a hard time... (6 replies)
... Right now I'm reallly on the fence. I called up my doctor and left a msg saying I'm considering cancelling the procedure, but have yet to speak to him yet. The risks certainly are a concern, but I'm also concerned by the fact that the procedure has irreversible effects on the eye. If they come out with better technology (which most certainly they will), us ex-lasik patients... (8 replies)
... tly. Yes ofcourse your eyes have to be healthy be a "good candidate". I had mine done 1 week ago and I am seeing perfectly in the day and in the evening. No such halos or starbursts or anything of the sort. There can be many factors as to why these folks are having bad results. Who is the surgeon? ... (8 replies)
... I am going to have it repeated next month because i know have astigmatism from uneven healing. I have ghosting with reading, and halos at night. ... (8 replies)
... Lets make it clear : Lasik -whether it is intralase, wavefront, or intralase&wavefront- is a serious surgery. Don't believe anyone who will tell you that "you may return to your normal life immediately one day after the operation". It is a big lie. If you are thinking about having lasik here are my recommendations: 1. Take at least one week off if you are working (two... (5 replies)
... You know, I had read that the flap never completely heals from this procedure. Still, the Intralase cuts a more precise flap which fits back in better than the blade cut. I talked to various friends who have had Lasik and no one was upset. ... (67 replies)
6-month update
May 16, 2006
... I had Custom intralase lasik for my right eye and regular intralase, no wavefront, for my left. My eyes were 3. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I am 22 years old male, and I recently had Custom Intralase LASIK last Thursday, Aug 29th, 2013. ... (3 replies)
... and not to mention the halos still very bad. ... (2 replies)
... I had Intralase Lasik surgery about four weeks ago now. ... (11 replies)
... due to the type of astigmatism I had. Now they are gone! I know that starburts and halos both can be a side effect of the surgery but it seems I ended up with the opposite! ... (3 replies)
... the halos and starbusts had diminished to almost the level experienced. ... (7 replies)
... Left with huge halos and startbursts post surgery that have not cleared up.Just general not feeling right with my eyes. Everyone is different. ... (10 replies)
... Hey, there-- I remember you! Sorry to see you too have them. Mine are still quite pronounced and are pretty much unchanged from 2 weeks post op. Quite difficult at night. I am evaluating my options, but they aren't great. I am also reviewing legal remedies, although what I REALLY want to do would probably get me in a lot of trouble! :mad: An "eye for an eye" sounds... (30 replies)
... I am now 11 months post-op LASIK (wavefront, intralase) and the starbursts/halos are still there. Not as pronounced as say, 3 months post-op, but still noticable. I have little hope of them ever disappearing completely. I go back to the doc in about a month and will see what he says. (30 replies)
... I get that deep 'you've been wearing your lenses too long' pain as well. It doesn't last long, but is very annoying. I'm putting it all down to 'the healing process'. And my new religion is lubricating.... :-) (7 replies)
... I did Intralase last week, I can see perfect both during the day and the night, no halos, no bluriness, nothing. ... (7 replies)

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