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... focals before and could not see close up but my far sight was fine, a little hazy but nothing drastic..... ... (4 replies)
... So how can you be happy with that, you have halos and starburst at night, something you didn't have prior to surgery, you have blurry hazy indoor vision, something you didn't have prior surgery. So how is that ok? ... (9 replies)
... see!even though it was still blurry. I noticed that outdoors I could see great but in my house and at the doc's office something about the lighting made it seem hazy or foggy. ... (0 replies)

... Sounds like mine when I first had it done. Read some of the other posts. There is a long healing process involved so be patient. Use the drops often. (2 replies)
... with the wavefront technology...whatever that means. ok, so now it seems as if everything is foggy and hazy. My vision is ok, but certainly not great...and the starbursts are horrible. ... (2 replies)
... I think they are supposed to subside in about a month or so. Things are also hazy when I'm in a dimly lit place. ... (37 replies)
... ay night and the starbursts are minimal, and I'm blown away. Huge huge huge improvement. Thank god its all done with now. I'm astounded by how crystal clear my vision is now!!!! Yay!!! ... (3 replies)
... At the end of a long day my vision seems a little hazy if I go to watch TV or use the computer. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry to hear that. Good you sought professional advice and got it checked out. Hope all goes well with the visit to your surgeon. (3 replies)
... Went to my optician today. She said that i have corneal distortion and that it's swollen. Eeek! It could eventually settle or I'll have to have it retouched/medication. Consulting a lasik surgeon tomorrow. (3 replies)
... I had LASIK surgery and had trouble with dry eye. I was told dry eye can be a side effect of the surgery. Tried Restasis a couple of times. That didn't work for me. Also tear duct plugs. Anyway, after about five years of trying different remedies I finally found a specialist who dealt with dry eye. She recommended fish oil capsules and a daily eyelid scrub. You can buy... (3 replies)
... I drove right away. It was dusk and overcast. My vision was funny though (foggy/hazy), so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you can bring someone along to drive you. My eyes were just fine a few hours later. hth (5 replies)
... minute they walk out the door, they can see. i didn't have lasik. i had prk so it took me a while longer. it got clear then as my epithelium grew back it got hazy after a few days. ... (1 replies)
... do not drive yourself to the surgery. although you will be able to see after the surgery. your vision will be hazy. You will also be very sensitive to light. For days after the surgery, I was very sensitive to light. ... (5 replies)
Aug 11, 2005
... Are they hazy and see through or dark? ... (22 replies)
... KelvinG, did you get that look that I do, its almost like you've got a bad contact in, and its hazy, because I just get curious how it will clear out, or if i just get used to it or what. I got kind of nervous at my checkup, cause he told me they lasered my left eye more than my right. And my right WAS the weaker one. So they confused me. Hope they didnt over correct it...both... (9 replies)

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