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Lasik danger!!
Mar 8, 2007
... e had 5 kinds of drops. One was a wetting kind that he had to apply at least every 30 min for a month. Three were different levels of numbing drops depending on how bad his eyes hurt, and the other were steriods. ... (11 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
Jun 18, 2006
... How is your night vision doing? ... (30 replies)
... Thank you for your quick and thoughtful reply. Appreciate the suggestions! Will try to address them below, sorry this is so lengthy. ... (5 replies)

... ute great imforative post! I am just about 15 months out from this disaster. No change in my starburts and halos at all. I drive for a living so it's been pretty bad but I am pushing forward. Like you I did the second opinion routine also. ... (17 replies)
... know that starburts and halos both can be a side effect of the surgery but it seems I ended up with the opposite! I didn't realize until I had the surgery, just how bad my night vision was before! ... (3 replies)
... So that's where you've been. I was wondering what happened to ya. So how is it today? ... (13 replies)
... I was once told by an eye doc to always wear sunglasses outside when there is light. Because, even on an overcast or rainy day, there is still UV out there and that, no matter how little, can still do damage to your eyes. ... (25 replies)
... with the eye chart even with some residual prescription and am handling my dry eyes pretty well. however the biggest issue I am facing is driving at night especially the headlights and streetlights appearing out of focus and bigger than they actually are. ... (3 replies)
... to the near, and the right eye for distance, I ended up reading small scripts but the distant vision is blurry , as if I have traded my long sightedness with short one. ... (5 replies)
... I had PRK over 2 years ago, and a subsequent enhancement over 1 year ago. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks Elyse and BE.....maybe getting one eye done at at time is the trick. ... (25 replies)
... I have pretty bad anxiety as well. I am fairly calm today given the fact that in less than 24 hours, I should be done with my procedure. ... (10 replies)
... just wanted to also say you should be fine, but it is freaky, i mean it is your eyes. My one eye is still a little fuzzy and i kinda got a headache, but things that i've read that are normal after the surgery. ... (10 replies)
... doctor since I don't think "discounts" are important when it is to do with my eyes. ... (3 replies)
... I myself is looking forward for my eyesight to return, my surgeon told me that PRK was not needed in my case which I hope is good thing. ... (5 replies)
... just a little dry eye discomfort, but not even as bad as what I've been reading. Usually drops in the morning and evening cover me. ... (3 replies)
... s. I now wear glasses again to watch TV and drive. At 15 feet I cannot read the program guide on my 60 inch HD TV at all. At 8 foot from 60 inch TV everything is blurry tell I put my glasses on. ... (0 replies)
... But I had PRK done which takes longer to heal and your vision to hone in. I dont know if you had PRK done but if you did, I'd wait atleast 2 full months to see some kind of improvement and atleast 6 months to see clearly. ... (5 replies)
... i apologize, this is fairly long.. ... (7 replies)
Aug 14, 2005
... Cremebrulee, i've had PRK as well, 9 days ago. I still have blurry vision, but it's tolerable as long as I know it'll clear up. Can you tell me how it was with you those first few weeks? ... (15 replies)

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