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... I'm hoping mine is just swelling also and it will go down. I am a proven slow healer in other surgeries I've had. ... (16 replies)
... Elizabeth, I had Lasik last year and didn't have any swelling that I am aware of. The steriod drops they give you to use are supposed to keep all of that under control, and help the eyes to heal properly. ... (16 replies)
... I had LASIK about a week and a half ago. At my one week post op, the doctor said that my right eye was still very swollen and that as the swelling goes down my vision "should" improve. ... (16 replies)

... Hi Elizabeth, I had lasik surgery on May 11th - and I still do not have the vision that I was told I would have. It's been a long, slow recovery period. I may be looking at an enhancement as well. From what I understand - they do not have to cut a new flap - so the procedure should be slightly easier than before. How are you doing now? Any better? I'm still hoping... (16 replies)
... As for the enhancement...I don't know for sure how that works but, I think, after 3 months of healing, your doc may be able to do it. ... (16 replies)
... I hope I was of some comfort and help. I am sorry this was so long but, when I was worried about my results, I felt comforted the more detailed others were. ... (16 replies)
... I also understand how you feel between light and dark. I don't know if this is because we are blurry and it just seems worse when it's darker or if it's something from the surgery. ... (16 replies)
... Yep, it certainly is a downer, isn't it? My post-op instructions stated you can expect to have 70% of your vision by the next day - and able to drive. 90% there by the weekend - and 100% by 3 weeks. Well - so much for setting the proper expectations! I could not drive the next day. Still feel unconfortable driving without glasses even today (only do this locally). ... (16 replies)
... Well, the thing in my eye ended up being an eyelash (how embarrassing that I didn't see it). Vision hasn't improved at all though. I'm resigned to having to have an enhancement... question: is an enhancement performed the same as the original surgery? (cutting the cornea and all?) (16 replies)
... Just had my 2 week follow up, still double and triple vision. Now my Dr. tells me I have retinal swelling which is causing the poor vision, and he has no idea how long it will take to heal. He said the retina does heal very slowly though. He gave me Xibrom drops to help reduce the swelling. ... (3 replies)
Slow Healer?
May 5, 2008
... and told me I still have swelling in both eyes, more in the right eye, which is affecting my vision. ... (3 replies)
... OK, that would make sense. I guess now I'm wondering how long it could take for the retina swelling to go down. My surgeon didn't sound very optimistic about it happening any time soon. ... (3 replies)
... but i'm just concerned about the swelling. Any one else have swelling that lasted a while? ... (0 replies)
... could have driven myself, but one eye wasn't as sharp as the other one and they were very irritated still. The doctor looked into my eyes and said their was some swelling but it would go away. He had me read from a chart and one eye was much easier to see with. He just kept telling me to keep blinking to get the tears moving. ... (3 replies)
... o for second opinion and second scans there, then compare and see what others have to say. Ask abut dry eyes, tear film test, and pupil size, ask about edema and how long. ... (27 replies)
... lghook, Congrats! I am so happy to hear that you are fine now and happy with your site! That is good to hear and I am sure it gives hope to anyone who has had a bad experience! Congrats! (16 replies)
... :) Yes, I read that site AFTER my surgery and it scared me to death. Don't know if I could have ever had the surgery if I read it first. But remember, thousands of other people have had the surgery, many people here even, and they are happy. I'm nervous about an enhancement as well. I have been praying for my eyes to heal to 20/20 on their own. One person here said it did... (16 replies)
... Yes - then I did have the refractives tested. Blinking and staring at the chart - things always seem to change when I look at it. Ahhh! I will be asking lots of questions to both my surgeon and my post op doctor next visit. I did have custom zyoptics - and enhancements are free for the first year. However - I really would rather not go in for Lasik again. Have you... (16 replies)
... Laura, I can understand your depression. I had surgery June 2 and was told 'I would be seeing just fine in 2 weeks'.....well, I'm still blurry, fussy, double vision and also had cells under my flap. SO, I'm there with ya! Some people here have stated that it took them the full 6 months to truly appreciate their vision. Were you a high myope prior to surgery? I was a -8L... (16 replies)
... I didn't have any of this when I had my surgery. I would suggest, at the very least, you call the doctor and explain your symptoms. Were it me and my eyes, if I had those symptoms, I would not wait till the 8th to see the doctor. That is OVER two weeks from now. Take care, (16 replies)

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