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... ve been told that LASIK would put my K reading around 49 or so and I would probably need an enhancement. ... (0 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Jan 9, 2010
... I'm also hyperopic and just had LASIK performed on the Allegretto WAVE laser on 1/5/10. I was +2.00 in my left and +3.50 in my right. So far, I am very pleased with day vision but night vision is very blurry. I am only 4 days out, but I will stay in touch if you'd like. (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Jan 31, 2010
... astigmatic Lasik and am extremely pleased with my results. I'm sorry you're not experiencing the same. ... (23 replies)

Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 17, 2009
... The Wavefront reading maps the entire eye for astigmatism, both regular and irregular. With the right mapping and Lasik equipment, both types of astigmatism should be correctable... in theory. However, the rub comes with how someones eye heals after Lasik. ... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 16, 2009
... I don't understand how did the irregular astigmatism happen. Was it a result of the lasik? Otherwise, you should have known you had irregular asigmatism before you had lasik. Was it custimized lasik? (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Nov 23, 2008
... I am also considering lasik for my farsighted problems. Several doctors say they can help, but like you said farsighted is a small percentage. Did you have lasik. ... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
May 8, 2010
... Also, lasik is really the eye surgery equivalent of a land line. It is still used, but soon, probably everyone will be using lasek going forward. ... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Jan 30, 2010
... I had lasik for hyperopia with astigmatism. ... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 16, 2009
... Can you give me more info on the before and after. (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 9, 2009
... I just had lasik done a week ago and am having serious problems with blurred vision. ... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 18, 2010
... Prescription: Right: -1.00 +2.25 x180 Left: -0.75 +3.75 x 179 I was confused as to why the sphere in my prescription was written as a negative number since i'm hyperopic. Someone explained this to me: There are two ways of writing the prescription; referred to as "plus-cyl" form or "minus-cyl" form. The plus cyl form, sometimes used by... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Jul 11, 2008
... I have had consultations with lasik doctors who said my script was high but that they could perform the surgery. I'm considering lasik unfortunately there doesn't seem to be many farsighted people who have had the procedure. I'm hoping to hear from other hyperopes who have had the procedure. ... (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
May 12, 2009
... Right after surgery thru 2 months, I noticed quite a bit of lost contrast sensitivity. It was especially noticeable in bright light, like a smal string or hair on a white counter in a bright room was almost invisible. At 4 months I would say its at 80-90% of what I had pre surgery. I wish I would have been tested so I know what the baseline was. (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
May 10, 2009
... How is your vision doing now. I had RK many years and I am considering lasik. The surgeon in Dallas says he can do the surgery. Of couse there are all kind of variables, but should be much better. Have you regressed any? (23 replies)
Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 22, 2009
... chliansh What laser did the doc use to do your lasik? How is your vision now? (23 replies)
... or hyperopic astigmatism. ... (3 replies)
... In January this year I went for lasik surgery in a private hospital in Bangkok. ... (0 replies)
... I just had Hyperopic or farsighted LASIK last Friday. ... (3 replies)
... In short, they'll cut a small flap into your cornea and peel it back. Then with lasers they'll raise your cornea slightly (since you're farsighted/hyperopic, your cornea is too flat). They'll peel back the flap, and it'll hold due to the suction. That was just a brief overview, I'd recommend going here for more information on the surgery: ... (1 replies)
... Good morning, A number of lasik surgeons do not encourage a touch up when the total remaining refractive error ( sphere plus cylinder) is less than around one diopter. One issue with correcting a small amount of astigmatism is that correcting astigmatism induces a myopic shift or a hyperopic shift (depending of the angle of the astigmatism to correct) that the surgeon has... (2 replies)

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