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nap after lasik (21)
nasonex dry eyes (10)
near vision blurry after lasik (17)
nearsighted 20/ (89)
nearsighted reading vision (64)
nearsighted see close up (42)
need for enhancement 4 years after lasik (11)
need for reading glasses after lasik (62)
need restasis for lasik (19)
needing glasses (176)
nervous about lasek (10)
nervous about lasik (73)
nervous before lasik (45)
nervous for lasik consultation (10)
nervous lasik (107)
new contact is blurry (54)
new contact lens blurry (27)
new contact lenses are blurry (11)
new contact lenses blurry (18)
new contact lenses,adjust (12)
new contact prescription blurry (19)
new contacts blurry (68)
new contacts blurry in and out (32)
new contacts get blurry (42)
new contacts prescription blurry (23)
new contacts, blurry (68)
new eye prescription blurry (60)
new surgery for eyes that have worsen (13)
night before lasik (173)
night driving after lasik (60)
night driving starburst (14)
night eye shield (29)
night glare after lasik (34)
night glare eyes (118)
night goggles for dry eyes (52)
night moisture goggles (35)
night starburst after lasik (10)
night time double vision (218)
night time drops dry eye (341)
night time feels like something in eye (306)
night vision after prk (43)
night vision driving glasses lasik (32)
night vision glasses work for lasik problems (16)
night vision issue after lasik (10)
night vision prk (69)
nighttime headaches (100)
no hope for dry eye (520)
no improvement after lasik (17)
normal for eyes to be sensitive to light day after being dilated (64)
normal for eyes to be sensitive to light day after being dilated (64)
normal post lasik (88)
normal to be able to see close up but not far away after lasik surgery (704)
normal to have one blurry eye post surgery (25)
not good after surgery message (1110)
not happy with lasik (144)
not seeing right in one eye after lasik (40)
not supposed to rub eyes (26)
not using eye drops after lasik (66)
noticing more floaters (44)
nyc doctor recommendations (18)

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