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... Can anyone share their experiences with Intralase? ... (15 replies)
... Almost 6 weeks ago i had Custom Intralase Lasik at a TLC center in Canada. ... (5 replies)
... I've been reading this board for the past week and thought I would post my experiences with intralase lasik. ... (3 replies)

... Tikiroom32, Any update on the blurriness? Just to share my experiences, I'm 4-day post-op. At my 1-day post-op checkup, I could see 20/20 left and right eye, and even partial 20/15. However, everything is hazy and blurry. Definitely not as crisp as pre-op or with my contacts. Distance vision is definitely not as good as with my contacts. Everybody in my family could see the... (3 replies)
... Hi Skylar, thanks for this update 6 months out! Sounds like you are doing great. I go back in May for my 3 or 4 month checkup. I had mine done in January. I feel like i'm seeing great right now! My night vision for driving still isn't 100 percent but ever so slowly it seems to be getting to what I would say a complete normal state. Some halos still around lights/car... (36 replies)
... I had Intralase Lasik surgery about four weeks ago now. ... (11 replies)
... for both eyes, again, no intralase and much angst. ... (9 replies)
Lasik danger!!
Mar 6, 2007
... I'm sure that you were well informed about the risks before your procedure and unfortunately you are in the small minority that experiences difficulties, millions of others have had great success so you can't really call that luck. ... (11 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your troubles. I had custom (wavefront) bladeless (intralase) Lasik with a VisX laser at TLC Eye Center yesterday 1/24/2011. I was freaking out going into it because of all the negative reviews here. But like you, everyone I talked to said overwhelmingly positive things about their experiences. My parents had it done 10 years ago and are still 20/20 in... (10 replies)
... I have my LASIK scheduled for next Friday at LASIKMD in Mississauga using Custom Wavefront and ALL LASIK Intralase as I've read there are many who believe the bladeless decreases the risk of complications. ... (3 replies)
... So let me prefix this by saying I am probably being impatient and needlessly worried, but I am just looking for reassurance really... I underwent Wavefront Guided Intralase, Lasik - Bilateral surgery on Friday 22nd March. My prescription prior to the surgery was; SPH CYL AXIS R -0.75 -3.00 15.0 L -0.75 -3.50 165.0 I was told it all went well and... (22 replies)
... I had a intralase bladeless lasik done 4 days ago.. after the surgery, I had these red blotches above my eye if I pull my eye lid up.. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I had intralase/Lasik performed on both of my eyes (severe astigmatism) back in Feb of this year. From Feb-Oct I have had numerous issues. The biggest compliant I have had is my peripheral vision is blurry or seems like double vision. This is occurring in both eyes. Nothing ever seemed to relieve this symptom and my Dr. chalked it up to some residual astigmatism... (4 replies)
Thank you
May 8, 2010
... I had Intralase Wavefront LASIK on Thursday just gone in the United Kingdom. Post op 3 days and my vision is improving. ... (0 replies)
... Hello. Any help from knowledgeable folks/people with similar experience. I had Intralase/Bladeless Lasik done six days ago at a reputable doctor with the VisX machine. I am young, healthy and had "moderate" myopia (-3.00 and -5.00). I was told I was a good candidate and had a great potential for 20/20 vision after the surgery. So, it has now been 6 days since surgery. I do... (16 replies)
... I get that deep 'you've been wearing your lenses too long' pain as well. It doesn't last long, but is very annoying. I'm putting it all down to 'the healing process'. And my new religion is lubricating.... :-) (7 replies)
... I did Intralase last week, I can see perfect both during the day and the night, no halos, no bluriness, nothing. ... (7 replies)
Laser Eye Surgery
May 17, 2009
... ead up a little and seen a couple of video's which have put me a little more at ease but it does concern me. Does anyone have any advice or have they had similar experiences which might help? ... (1 replies)
Lasix Plus vs. TLC
Mar 11, 2009
... hi there, my name is cesar and i 'm going to have surgery this coming friday some people have good experiences but some are dissapointed so i don't know what to expect , do y ou have any other info after this message you posted? ... (3 replies)
... I just had the Intralase procedure done this past thursday. ... (14 replies)

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